We are college students, just like most of you. And we work and play hard. A big aspect of our lives is living on tight budgets, as we juggle rent, food, and other expenses. The last thing we need is to have our money wasted.

But this is what was happening when we tried to use writing services for some of our assignments – mostly essays and paper, but sometimes other pieces like lab reports, book reviews, presentations, and more.

A Little Bit of Background 

We are very normal college students. We go to classes, do our homework, go out with our friends, participate in some clubs or activities, and just generally try to enjoy our lives. But just like every other student, we can procrastinate; we can become overwhelmed when too many assignments are due at once, and we can totally not want to complete some of those writing assignments in courses we are only taking because we have to.

Our Solution

We knew there were online writing services out there that offered to complete some of those writing assignments for us, so we began to use some of them. Most of the time, we were ripped off. Once in a while, we found a good one and got exactly what we wanted.

We realized that in this industry there are some really good guys and lots of bad guys, And we were playing Russian Roulette with our money and our grades, by just choosing a writing company based on its website and promises. Other students were doing the same thing. And, frankly, it pissed us off.

Thus, our writing service review website was born.

How We Work

We have set up our website to do three things – all of them focused on helping students be more successful.

  1. First and foremost, we dig deep into online writing services and bring up the real truth about them. We pour over their websites, read every word of every page, and check out prices, policies, and more. Then we go out onto the web and find what their customers have to say about their experiences. Some of them even send us copies of writing they have received. We put everything together and give our users the straight talk that they deserve. We want them to choose reputable and reliable companies when they spend their money.
  2. We maintain a blog where you will find articles on everything from tips and strategies to improve your own research and writing to how to set up a budget, where to find cool part-time jobs or gigs, to time management, and much more.

How do we have time to do this, you ask? Well, this is our part-time gig. You’ll find other companies that advertise with us – don’t worry, we check them out as carefully as we do writing services. They have valuable stuff to offer.

We love what we do. Come on in, read out reviews, and start taking advantage of what we offer.