All of these stressors, coupled with mounting assignments, can easily overwhelm students. In fact, they have become so overwhelming that a full one-third of college students drop out after their first year.

We are here to stop the “bleeding” of stress and anxiety. At Buy Essay Review, we are strong proponents of students getting outside academic help when they need it. But we are also proponents of getting that help from reputable and ethical writing services. To this end, we have made it our mission to investigate companies that market academic services to students and to separate the good from the average and just plain bad.

This CanadianWritings review is a part of our mission. We can say up front that this may very well be a writing service that you want to consider as a long-term resource for your academic needs.

Pricing System

We use the same factors in this category for our review of any writing company. We want to see clear, transparent pricing that is not replete with hidden fees and lies. We want to see pricing within the average range for other trustworthy writing services. We also insist that there is pricing differentiation among the types of services ordered, the school level of the customer, and the due date that is specified.

CanadianWritings meets our expectations in all factor areas.

  • Students can get a preliminary quote on a form for that purpose, posted on the CanadianWritings landing page. They can check the potential price against their budget parameters.
  • Pricing charts are available and are separated into categories. Students can review these charts according to their school level and their due date requirements. Prices begin at $17.22/page in Canadian dollars for a secondary school essay with a two-week delivery timeline. They proceed upward from there.
  • Prices are offset by a liberal discount plan, that does change. As of this writing, students can qualify for up to 20% off on their orders. There is a link to discounts in the hamburger menu in the left upper corner of the home page.
  • There is also a link to “extras.” These are options that students can choose as they place their orders. But they come with fees that can increase the final cost of that order. Many of them would be appropriate for graduate level customers, but other students should consider these before opting for them.

In all, we did find that the CanadianWritings pricing system is comparable to other good writing companies, is very transparent, and provides discounts and extras that will impact the final pricing.

Types of Services

If students are looking for a writing service “home,” they want to see an army of services that can handle all of their current and future needs. This means that they can settle into one company throughout their academic career. But they are also looking for quality, and so are we. So, let’s take a look at both of these factors.

Service Offerings

CanadianWritings divides its services into distinct categories, each with a different pricing schedule:

  1. Academic Paper Writing: All of the most common assignments fall into this category – essays, papers, book reviews, analyses, critiques, research projects, and many of the less common writing pieces.
  2. Admissions Services: CanadianWritings maintains a department of creative writers specifically tasked with crafting stunning admissions and personal statement essays so that applicants can present themselves as “shining lights.”
  3. STEM Coursework: Math, science, engineering, and technology programs are tough, with challenging assignments. CanadianWritings has graduate level experts in these fields to assist.
  4. Dissertations: Grad students finishing up their Masters or doctoral programs do not get through those culminating projects with some help. CanadianWritings Ph.D. experts in all curricular areas are available for as little or as much help as they need.
  5. Multiple-Choice Questions: For students who are not good test-takers, there are CanadianWritings topic field scholars who can take those tests – timed or untimed.
  6. Editing/Proofreading: Students have many skills and talents, but good scholarly writing may not be one of them. They can send their written work over to CanadianWritings for renovation and polishing so that they can submit polished pieces for great grades.
  7. Resumes/CV’s: Students apply for part-time jobs; they apply for internships, and as they get ready to graduate, they apply for their first career positions. CanadianWritings has a team of HR pros to craft, edit, and/or proofread these documents.
  8. Copywriting: Business owners with a web presence who need content writing. Sometimes, students do too, especially if they are developing portfolios or their own websites.

It’s obvious that the scope of services is wide – something we like to see.

Services Quality

We evaluate quality using the same elements for all writing services. Here is how CanadianWritings has fared:

  • The CanadianWritings website content is perfectly written. It is clear; it is well-organized, and it reflects stellar grammar and composition. This is always a good predictor that customers will receive quality too.
  • Our users who have been and continue to be customers of CanadianWritings have nothing but good things to say. One user even forwarded a research paper for us to see. It was a beautiful piece.
  • has posted 4 example writings on its site, all at the college level. These were scholarly, well-written pieces.
  • We also looked out on the web for customer feedback. All that we found was overwhelmingly complimentary.

So, we see both scope and quality – high ratings for from us.

Payment Methods

CanadianWritings’ customer base spans the globe, as do English-speaking institutions. It must honor multiple methods of payments, and it does just that. There are several currencies offered, as well as all internationally recognized bank cards. Students can also pay via PayPal or wire transfer.

Customers can now use PayPal as a payment processor for their cards without having an account with the platform. This is a highly secure method, and we recommend that students use it. Barring that, we also insist that writing companies do not process their own payments if they expect to get a recommendation from us. CanadianWritings uses a secure third-party platform, so we are happy.


Guarantees are important protections for customers of writing services. We insist that companies have policies and provide other promises within their site content. CanadianWritings has the following guarantees:

  • Originality: Any piece a student turns into an instructor must be plagiarism-free. The consequences of plagiarism can be severe. CanadianWritings provides a scan of every finished order before it is cleared for delivery.
  • Confidentiality: CanadianWritings has a Privacy Policy. It describes why they collect certain information and what they do with it. When a visitor becomes a customer, he must submit personal info. This is then encrypted and stored behind tough firewalls. Students get ID numbers. The other part of this guarantee is that personal information is never shown to another party.
  • Money-Back: CanadianWritings has a written policy on refunds. Students should review it so they know if and when they might be eligible. It conforms to those of other reputable writing companies.
  • Satisfaction/Revisions: CanadianWritings is strongly focused on customer satisfaction. To this end, it allows students to ask for as many revisions as they want until they are happy.
  • Quality Control: There is a QA department that takes a long hard look at every finished order. It makes sure that customer instructions have been followed, that there is no plagiarized content, that there is appropriate research for the academic level, and that the piece exhibits formal, scholarly grammar and composition.

Of course, any writing company can provide guarantees. The key is, do they honor them? According to customers, CanadianWritings does execute their guarantees. Good rating here.

Is Site Legit?

Yes, the website is legit. It is legit because it represents a company that is totally legitimate. Just as with guarantees, any company can design a cool website that looks and feels totally legitimate. But that website can represent a company that is fraudulent to the core.

Everything about the CanadianWritings website is true.


These we consider the most important:

  • Customers always come first. CanadianWritings wants long-term customers
  • Pricing is reasonable and, once calculated, firm
  • Quality is top-notch
  • Customer support is always available and highly responsive


A couple of things stand out:

  • There is no CanadianWritings blog. This is a good resource for students.
  • The four samples are all at the college level. A greater variety of grade levels should be reflected.

To Sum Up is a stellar writing service, surpassing our basic criteria requirements in all areas of evaluation. We like the almost total focus on customers and serving them well – probably the reason most customer comments we read were from return customers. Once they find CanadianWritings, they stay.