Enter BuyEssayReview.com, a website dedicated to helping students get and keep the student life balance they need. We offer a wealth of resources with strategies, tips, etc. for improving your life; we offer a platform for registered users to “meet up,” to post their thoughts and issues, and to communicate with each other.

We also provide a critical service to students who are seeking help with their academic coursework assignments. We look at online writing services that market their services to students. We dig into these companies and get to the truth. Our goal is to give students all of the facts they need to decide whether a writing company is worth their time and money.

We recently took a look at CoolEssay.net. And this CoolEssay review summarizes all that we found.

Payment System

CoolEssay does publish a pricing schedule of any kind. The statement on the CoolEssay website is that students can get an essay for as low as $10 per page. This is accompanied by an “estimate” quote on the CoolEssay landing page.

There is a link to pricing that then publishes schedules of costs for various products or services – original writing, re-writing, editing, proofreading, and business writing.

For original writing, prices range from $10 a page at the high school level, with a 14-day deadline, up to $49/page for a doctoral-level piece with just an hours-long deadline.

Like other reputable companies, CoolEssay pricing factors include academic level, type of product/service, and deadline requirement. Other pricing categories include re-writing, editing, proofreading, and business writing.

Discounts can offset pricing. To get these, students must contact customer support and request them.

Another factor impacting pricing are other options offered at checkout. Students will pay an additional 25 – 30% for more expert writers, a plagiarism report, a one-page summary, or samples of the assigned writer’s work, for example.

Overall, CoolEssay.com prices are within a scope that we find average for writing services that produce good quality.

Types of Services

CoolEssay services are divided into categories, as follows:

  • High School Writing: This includes any type of writing or homework assignment such students might have – essays, papers, book reports, admissions essays, and more
  • College Writing: These are the same types of services as those for high school but with added tasks and projects such as lab reports, case studies, presentations, and more
  • Other specific Products – article writing, essay writing, assignment writing, coursework writing and projects, resumes, cover letters, and business writing
  • Thesis and dissertation Writing: CoolEssay states that it has only Master’s and Ph.D. writers and that it can find a researcher/writer in any research field that a grad student may need. It offers help with any or all sections or chapters of these projects.

Each item on the CoolEssay list of services can be clicked on, and a visitor will be taken to a new page with further details and testimonials. There are also blog posts specifically related to the type of writing.

We find that CoolEssay does offer a broad array of services. Students who are looking for a comprehensive company will find it here. But they also need quality, and we want to see that too.

To evaluate quality, we usually look at several things:

  • The quality of English composition on the CoolEssay website can provide clues to the quality a student can expect. We would rate website content as above-average in English composition. A few word usage errors provide a cue that there may be some ESL writers involved.
  • We usually review samples. CoolEssay offers a number that we have seen before on other writing websites, indicating that the company is one of perhaps several sites owned by the same umbrella company – Bluebird Consulting, in the UK. We found quality to be a bit mixed. Visitors should read the pieces on student violence in schools and the analysis of Fast Food Nation, to see this variance for themselves.
  • We did find many blog posts, and that did provide a source for us to evaluate writing quality. Topics were interesting, the content was structured well, but some of the language style is “off,” again reflective of ESL writing.
  • Student users of our site also seemed to have mixed feedback. High school students seemed impressed; ESL students, likewise. For native English-speaking students at the university level, though, there were complaints about lack of research integrity and inability to get proper revisions that really improved the original pieces.
  • Consumer review websites were also checked – on Site Jabber, for example, the overall CoolEssay rating is a 3.5 out of 5.

Payment Methods

We are happy with the choice of payment methods at CoolEssay.net. they just do it right.

Students use their regular major bankcards, but run those cards through reputable, safe, and secure payment platforms, such as PayPal and SafeCharge. Cool Essay correctly states that it does not capture any financial information nor does it process payments on its website.

Customers can feel very confident that their payments for products at CoolEssay are secure.


There are three written policies on the CoolEssay.net website – Privacy, Revisions, and Terms and Conditions. We always urge students to read through these policies so they understand both rights and responsibilities. There is also a link to the CoolEssay money-back policy, and it should be read. Some of the highlights of the guarantees are as follows:

  • Revisions: Customers may request unlimited revisions but must do so within 10 days of receipt of the final draft. The minimum amount of time for revisions to be completed is 3 hours. Students may also request a different writer after 3 unsatisfactory revisions.
  • Terms and Conditions: The CoolEssay.net policy is written in very simple terms, which we like to see. It is standard for the industry, but we have one major concern. While CoolEssay states that it does not capture and store payment card information, there is a clause at the bottom of this policy that states the customer agrees that it may store such information for 400 days.
  • Privacy: The CoolEssay policy is standard. Customer information is encrypted and stored securely on the website and not shared with third parties
  • Money-Back: We urge you to read this CoolEssay policy. You have to enter a dispute within 10 days of receiving your product/service. There are very specific rules here, and there is an on-site dispute manager who makes the final decision.

Is Site Legit?

Inasmuch as the CoolEssay.net website represents a company that is legitimately operating in the UK, yes, we can say that it is legit.

Further evidence of legitimacy is that the company can be contacted by phone, live chat, and email. We used all three methods of contact, and they were legitimate. We also contacted at different hours and confirmed that the customer support department does operate 24 hours a day.


  • CoolEssay content is written in clear simple language
  • Published pricing is clear and transparent
  • Policies written in simple language
  • Sample available for review


  • Concerns about CoolEssay storing customer financial data
  • Customer complaints about money-back procedures
  • Upper-level university and grad students have expressed concerns about research integrity and composition

To Sum Up

CoolEssay.net has been around for a while and is one company among many operated by its umbrella corporation, located in the UK. It uses freelance writers from all over the globe, and some may indeed be ESL writers. CoolEssay is probably a great resource for high school and ESL students, but there may be better writing companies for university and grad-level students.