Fortunately, the students from the newer generation can work with companies like CustomEssayMeister for content writing services. In this CustomEssayMeister review, we will tell our readers what are the prices that they have to pay for different types of essay writing. The information presented in this review comes from This means that all details are valid and they present the pure reality of how the vendor works. This review is structured on different topics. Thus, we show our readers how they can calculate the final fee, how the list of services looks, and if they count on refunds and revisions policies.

Available Prices

The customer who knows how a writing company operates knows that they can calculate the final amount thanks to the fee calculator. CustomEssayMeister makes no exception to this strategy. When we entered, we found a price calculator on the bottom of the homepage. Thanks to this tool, the company shows that it has nothing to hide and allows the clients to determine from the beginning of what budget they need to prepare for the type of essay they need.

Let’s take some examples. A customer who needs a high school essay that will be delivered in 7 days should be ready to pay a price of $16.95 per page. The price can differ based on certain parameters. A paper required for a more difficult academic level or that should be delivered in less time will automatically cost more. On the other hand, we couldn’t find any information on if the vendor offers any additional services free of charge.

Discounts are important for any client who has a limited budget. Therefore, we carefully checked to discover which are the rules that set the discount policy. The vendor has a loyalty program in place which is aimed to compensate for the customers’ loyalty towards the brand. Therefore, they will receive discounts based on the total amount they spend on after submitting subsequent orders. Therefore, clients will get a 5% discount if they have spent up to $500 on placing orders. The discount percentage gets to 7% if the total amount spent on reaches from $1,000 to 2,000. In case clients place orders that total an amount of more than $2,000, then the discount becomes 10%.

Also, the vendor mentions that they might offer discount coupon codes on special occasions. Still, they don’t give other details on what category of clients become eligible for such discount codes. On the other hand, the levels established for granting discounts based on the total amount spent on should be lowered. Considering that the majority of the clients who want to work with CustomEssayMeister are students, the vendor should understand that their budgets are limited and they might not reach these levels.

Services Delivered

It is clear from the site’s presentation that the services delivered by CustomEssayMeister target students as the main audience. Therefore, CustomEssayMeister manages to offer different types of content writing services that serve their needs. For example, they can order essay writing, research or term papers, coursework, dissertation, thesis, or reports and reviews. The list of services is quite detailed as CustomEssayMeister tries to offer all possible services that a student might need.

Also, thanks to the talented writers who collaborate with CustomEssayMeister, the company manages to offer content for different academic levels. While the high school level is the easiest one, the clients can order papers for different college levels from freshman to senior.

Customers can also find a category of writing services dedicated to professionals. Thus, this category of clients can count on CustomEssayMeister’s writers for powerpoint presentations, articles for SEO, custom articles, or grant proposals. Young professionals can also work with CustomEssayMeister for resume services. Therefore, the writers who collaborate with this vendor have an HR background and can deliver a resume, cover letter, or CV writing. Thanks to these services, young professionals can create a convincing presentation and apply it to the jobs they want to develop their professional future.

Payment Methods

The customers who want to work with CustomEssayMeister should be aware that the company doesn’t allow them to pay with any type of instrument. The great advantage that this vendor offers is that all payments are finalized via secure payment instruments. the clients who want to finalize their payments on can pay either via VISA and MasterCard cards or PayPal. However, the company should allow customers to pay for their orders with other cards other than those previously mentioned. Therefore, it allows customers to have more flexibility in terms of payment.

Terms of Service

The term of service section includes clear information on how refunds and revisions are handled. For both writers and clients, this section is highly important as it sets the ground for the guidelines they need to follow to have a win-win collaboration.

Whenever a client considers that the writer didn’t follow the instructions correctly, he/she can ask for revisions. The request can be filed through the Support Center that is permanently available to answer the clients’ questions. in order for the revision services to be delivered without extra charges, the customer needs to submit the same instructions as the ones mentioned in the original order form. In case the client adds extra instructions or conditions, then CustomEssayMeister will consider that he/she submitted an extra order and will charge the client accordingly. Also, it is essential that the customer respects the revision submission time. Thus, the vendor allows customers to ask for free revisions only if they file the request in the first 14 days from the date the writer sent the final paper.

The customer satisfaction guarantee is equally important as it helps the client understand when he/she can receive back the amount paid. A client who is not satisfied with the content delivered by the writer working for CustomEssayMeister after 5 rounds of revisions can discuss with the team from the Support Center for a refund. In case the client brings valid proof showing that the writer didn’t follow the instructions and the situation didn’t improve after the rounds of revisions, then he/she can be entitled to a refund. Still, the policy doesn’t give clear situations when the client can receive full refunds and what are the cases when a partial refund might be granted.

Is the Site Reliable?

We found as a legit site for many reasons. The site allows customers to pay for their orders using secure instruments. This means that the web developers managed to install an encrypted payment system that allows all customers to protect their accounts while paying for the orders submitted on Besides, the site has a professional look and offers a nice customer experience. This means that the vendor worked with professional web developers who ensured that the website has all the necessary features and options to be 100% legit.


We identified the following pros when we evaluated CustomEssayMeister way of working:

  • Safe payment methods
  • Legit site
  • Affordable fees
  • Loyal discount program


CustomEssayMeister should work on improving the following features:

  • Come with clear explanations on how refunds are handled
  • The order amount levels necessary for discounts should be lowered to meet students’ budgets


CustomEssayMeister is a legal company that offers quality writing services for students and business professionals. It provides full transparency for its clients by allowing them to find how much they should pay for an order by using the price calculator. Also, is a legit site that allows customers to pay for their orders using secure payment methods. On the other hand, the company should develop a more comprehensive refund policy and add more details on how refund requests are handled.