Site Overview

Edudemius is a professional academic writing assistance site offering help in a variety of academic areas. The process of seeking aid on this platform involves key stages. Students have to fill an order form and give requirements for their assignments. This will see progress to the next stage, which involves allocation to the order, a professional, and the last step, which is execution.

On its site, gives a hint on the extent of its operations. With more than 5000 orders delivered, a 96% rating of timely delivery, a 9.1 out of 10 average scores of quality, and a 301-person strong team of writers, Edudemius is a leader in this area and has the numbers to show for it.

This establishment prides itself on the superior quality, free revisions for its clients, total privacy of operations, and timely delivery of tasks. This company also has a website that allows for easy navigation when it comes to access to relevant operational information.

Pricing System

Edudemius pricing system is very efficient, and users can easily interact with it and operate it. The system mainly features a price calculator on the website that students can use to determine the services they seek.

There are various elements that users can adjust when it comes to the calculation of the price of the services. The academic level element describes the level of education that the task falls under. The type of paper points out the nature of the task at hand. The deadline is all about the window or time-frame that is available for execution, and the number of pages is the length of the task at hand.

The variation of these elements according to the nature of the task at hand allows for the computation of the total price of the service in question. Learners can select the academic level of the paper, ranging from high school to Ph.D.

Under these academic levels, some tasks are unique to each level. While some tasks target high school students, others target those pursuing their undergraduate studies, others target those pursuing their Masters, and others pursuing a Ph.D. With the differences or variations of tasks under these academic levels comes the differences in pricing.

An essay of any type whose deadline is 14 days, 1 page long with 275 words, for high school purposes fetches $10. For college, university, Masters, and Ph.D., the costs will be $14, $16, $22, and $29, respectively. However, changes in the deadlines for execution also lead to variations in pricing.

Types of Services

There is a whole variety of services that offers on its platform. These offerings cover all academic levels, academic disciplines, and have different levels of difficulty. These services include essays and various variants, including admission essays, argumentative essays, expository essays, and reflective essays.

Other offerings that are well within the wheelhouse of Edudemius include an annotated bibliography, biography, book and movie review, business plan, case study, course work, creative and critical writing, and dissertation.

These services vary in difficulty or complexity as admission essays could find applications at the high school level, whereas dissertations preserve postgraduate studies.

A key aspect to note here is that offerings here do not fall under the traditional scope of academic services, including business plans. While business students pursuing their education have to write an outline of some form throughout their studies, it is worth noting that they do not employ the rigour that is in the business field. This particular offering points out that while there is a heavy bias towards academic offerings, Edudemius also targets other people and entities, including businesses.

There are other services as well that provides to learners, including laboratory reports, PowerPoint presentations, research paper, term paper, and thesis. Other offerings specific to the academic level include multiple-choice questions and problem–solving, all of which are exclusive to those pursuing their studies in high school.

There are other content enrichment and enhancement offerings at this company, including paraphrasing, editing, and proofreading. These services are mostly about improving the form, tone, style, and structure of the content.

Such services target those who craft content but cannot do the polishing or refinement or formatting necessary to improve the quality of the task.

Payment Options

There are various options that learners can use to process their payments. For students to access their products from this company, they have to ensure that they prepare and complete their payments for the services rendered to them.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that in some cases, Edudemius might have to process approved refunds in cases where the execution did not go as expected.

In such cases, there are various options that learners can utilize, including MasterCard and Visa. These are the most convenient options, and most students use these options in their day to day transactions.


Money-Back Guarantee has various guarantees in place to cover for situations whereby the execution did not go well. The money-back-guarantee dictates the multiple cases where students can get refunds in the event there are unmet requirements.

When you have made a double payment for your order, then you will be eligible for a complete refund, which will typically take three business days to process. Cases of refund requests arising from missed deadlines will see Edudemius carry out a comprehensive review of the prevailing circumstances before deciding a way forward on the issue at hand.

In cases where your order does not get allocated to a writer who matches your requirements, then there will be a cancellation of the order, and there will be the processing of a full refund to the client. When you give unclear instructions that impair the execution process, it will be up to Edudemius to decide the quantum of the refund.

Claims of plagiarised content should have the relevant proof that they have some form of substantiation before considering for refunds. Students who do not like the outcome of the execution can seek a refund from Edudemius.

Revision Policy

Edudemius has a revision policy that dictates how learners can seek amendments to the products that they get. Students can request revisions, and when doing so, the revision instructions should not vary in any way with the initial instructions.

Requests for revisions should be through email or personal accounts on the Edudemius website. There is a time-frame that comes with seeking requests for revision. Students can only get free revisions when they process the requests for revision within ten days of submission or receipt of the turnaround.

Is This Site Legit

On its website, Edudemius offers a whole array of services in different academic disciplines and of varying complexity across various educational levels. The information on its website mostly checks out customer testimonials, and other data indicates that what is on the site is what happens when you contract this company.

The fact that this entity has operational and functional guarantees and assurances point to an entity that knows what to do and how to execute. This all points to the legitimacy of this enterprise as an online writing outfit. Students can thus bank on this entity to get top and impressive turnarounds.


Customer Support – This Edudemius review shows there is the excellent customer support that ensures proper communication and liaison between the student and the writer. This ensures effective cooperation.

Timely delivery – Edudemius prides itself on the fast execution of clientele tasks. This means that learners can get their papers ready in a period as early as 3 hours.


Insufficient Expertise – At times, clients have to cancel various orders because there were no proper or suitable experts to work on the paper. This is a key undoing or shortcoming of the platform.

Limited payment options – There are only two options that customers can leverage when making payments to This could be very inconvenient for some clients.


Edudemius ranks highly among online writing entities, mainly because of the quality of its execution. This company checks many boxes as far as handling academic tasks go. There are many offerings on this site, and there is the relevant expertise to back it all up.

This means that there are good chances that those who seek the necessary academic assistance from this establishment are highly likely to get the help they need here. Some solid guarantees and assurances assure learners of the recourse required whenever there are hitches with execution.

All this shows that Edudemius is indeed a reliable and trustworthy outfit that learners can rely on when it comes to handling academic assignments.