Site Overview

EssayBox is a professional academic writing, editing, and research entity that handles various academic tasks for students pursuing different courses in varying educational levels. On its website, this company notes that it has years of experience in the field and crafts original papers.

EssayBox also notes that it hires native writers, has a strict adherence to deadlines, proper customer support, and a simple order process. However, this is all unverifiable info because it is info that this establishment gives about its operations on its site, and there could be objectivity and accuracy concerns regarding the info.

This company also offers an array of services across different disciplines and subject areas. These tasks also differ in complexity and target learners at varying levels of education. has lots of information about how it operates on its website. While this could be enlightening, it is poorly placed and disorganized, making the retrieval process cumbersome and difficult.

Pricing System

EssayBox has a pricing system that features a price calculator that allows learners to estimate the prices of the products they are seeking from the company. The price calculator has different elements or variables that users can enter to calculate the cost of the paper.

These variables include the type of the task, the level of education, the deadline, or the time-frame of execution of the task at hand, and the number of pages of the assignment. Worth noting is that variations of these elements or variables result in different prices or estimates of the task in question.

To put this into perspective, an essay for a high school student with a 15-day time frame and is of 1 page long fetches $16. A similar task for junior undergraduate, senior undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. fetch $20, $23, $28, and $33, respectively.

A variation in the deadline will lead to a different price, depending on whether the change means an extension of the time-frame of execution or whether it means a reduction. The same task under a three-day deadline will cost $23, $26, $29, $33, and $40.

This clearly illustrates that the experts will require more funds for a task that has a tight deadline than the one that gives more time for execution. Urgent tasks require a concentration of efforts, resources, and time – all of which weigh a lot on the expert, making them demand a higher fee for the execution of the work in question.

Types of Services

There are various services that EssayBox offers to its customers. These include essays and their variants, research papers, term papers, dissertations, theses, grant proposals, personal statements, outlines, paper writing, book reports, book reviews, assignments, and course works.

Other services are also well within the wheelhouse of this outfit as a writing establishment, including proofreading services, speeches, academic writing, movie reviews, resumes, lab reports, and capstone projects.

A closer look at the offerings at shows that these offerings are not only about academics. Grant proposal writing is not a significant preserve of the academic domain. Most of those entities that write grants are Not For Profit Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, or other entities that do not have a primary premise on education. This denotes that EssayBox is an all-rounded operation that offers services to a whole variety of parties.

While speeches are also parts of assessments in the academic setting, it is essential to note that most of them have applications in non-academic settings. This includes business, government, and industry – cementing and reiterating that EssayBox focuses on other clients who are not necessarily in the academic field.

Other services that EssayBox offers include web content, annotated bibliographies, college writing, case studies, PowerPoint presentations, and custom writing services. Worth noting is that clients can get the assistance they need for various particular tasks they may need aid with.

Other writing services, including editing and proofreading, are mainly content enhancement and enrichment services. While these do not involve handling or working content from the ground up, they involve the correction of content and its improvement to conform to set instructions, requirements, and standards.

Students here often come with their already-written content and seek proper help with removing mistakes and eliminating errors that reduce the quality of the content.

Payment Options

All services on EssayBox have a price tag. Further, the operations here stipulate that learners have to ensure that they effect payments before they can get their products. This means that there need to be payments of some form involved, which brings to the fore payment mechanisms, infrastructure, and options available to learners on this company.

In some cases, has to process approved refunds to clients because of some happenings that interfered with the execution process. There are different options that people can pursue when facilitating payments with this company, including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.


Money-Back Guarantee

EssayBox has some guarantees that assure their clients of some form of recourse when something goes wrong during the execution phase. According to information on the entity’s website, these are guarantees and assurances and are mostly unconfirmed and unverifiable.

When you cancel your order when there is no work underway, you will receive a full refund from EssayBox. Cases involving double payments of similar orders will see the return or refund of the extra fee to the student when they request a refund.

In cases of double payment, students can also ask for the funds to remain in their accounts for future use. Placement of identical orders will require the student to put in a request to cancel the order to allow for further processing of a refund. However, if the client wants different turnarounds from different writers, then this can work. However, all these arrangements depend on whether the client will make contact with the Support Team.

If there is no writer to handle the task, then there will be a full refund to the client. Late orders and poor-quality turnarounds will see the learner get a full refund. While students can contact the company for various arrangements on late orders, those who cancel the order and do not download any paper can request a refund and be eligible for a full refund.

Revision Policy

Learners who have requests for revision can hand them within a 10-day time-frame after they make a download of the product from their accounts. Long tasks like dissertations allow for a 20-day time-frame for requests for revision.

Is This Site Legitimate offers a whole array of services and offerings to students in different learning institutions across various disciplines and levels of education. On its site, the entity also clarifies that it has experts who work on these orders depending on the study area or section of the focus of the task.

Further, this company outlines a set of guarantees and assurances about its operations. However, when it comes to testimonials, feedback, and what learners have to say about this establishment’s activities, it is an entirely different picture.

Customer testimonials and related forms of feedback point towards a company that does not do a great job with its execution and fails massively on different operational areas – putting its legitimacy as an online writing entity in doubt. Therefore, EssayBox is not a legit entity as far as academic help goes.


Customer Support – EssayBox prides itself on proper customer support and real-time communication. This helps ensure that learners can get the necessary assistance from the writers during the execution phase.

Navigable Website – EssayBox has a well-organized website. This means that people can easily retrieve the information they need on this company and its operations.


High Prices – This establishment charges high prices for its services compared to industry services or industry averages. This makes its services out of reach of most learners.

Unmet assurances – Some assurances go unfulfilled with this company. When it comes to revision, there are various aspects that EssayBox does not get properly, which in overall, bring down the service.

Summary, according to its website, extends the help of different kinds and forms to its clients who are primarily students. This establishment offers a wide variety of services to its clients that target different areas or disciplines, or levels of education.

Further, this company has different policies that govern its operations. While the information on its website points to an efficient and reliable company, customer feedback leads to a different kind of entity, which is what the company is.

This EssayBox review shows this entity is not a reliable, worthwhile, or trustworthy service, and therefore, learners can put themselves in very compromising positions by roping in EssayBox.

However, established entities like PenDrago, Eduvinci, EssayPro, and Edudemius are efficient, and top companies that do a great job with their execution. Students can bank on these outfits for quality and top products.