Site Overview

EssayPro is an online essay writing service with professional writers who work orders on behalf of learners from different institutions of higher learning, various academic disciplines, and different levels of education.

The writing process here is very straightforward as it involves a few stages, which, upon completion, ensure that the student has a ready product. Students have to tell EssayPro about their requirements, select the well-suited writer, and download the product.

There are very impressive ratings on its website regarding operations, which include a 4.9 rating on reviews, a 4.9 rating on reseller ratings, and a 4.8 rating on SiteJabber. All these ratings are out of a possible 5, which goes to indicate how a top-notch service this outfit is.

There are lots of products and writing services that EssayPro offers. These offerings cover different levels of education and disciplines. There are various hallmarks of the operations of this entity, as listed on its website, including any deadline for any subject, proper communication mechanisms, original write-ups, and affordable prices.

Pricing System

EssayPro has a pricing system whereby a price calculator helps learners compute the prices of the services they want to seek from this company. This price calculator inputs various variables that make up the essential requirements or expectations of the paper.

Since different tasks have different expectations, different parameters allow this establishment to compute the job price. has various elements that act as crucial operational parameters for determining what to charge as fees.

These parameters include the type of service, the type of task, and the time-frame for execution. Primarily, three anchor elements help in determining the price of the service. These parameters are the type of service – which mainly includes writing, rewriting, and editing.

Under these three broad areas, clients can select the specific form of help or assistance that they want. For example, under writing, any essay that is 1-page long with 275 words will cost $10.8. Under the rewriting category, the cost will be $7.56, and in the editing section, the same will fetch $5.4.

Varying the deadline will also result in changes in the pricing to reflect the urgency of the task. The same job within a 2-days window will fetch $12.64 for writing, $8.85 for rewriting, and $6.32 for editing.

Under tight deadlines, it is evident that there is an increase in price because of the urgency of the task. Extended deadlines show that there is more time for execution available for the writer, which puts low pressure and thus low prices.

Types of Services

There are tons of offerings that EssayPro offers on its site. These include essays of any type, annotated bibliographies, article reviews, book or movie reviews, business plans, case studies, creative thinking and analysis, and literature review.

There are other services as well, which has the expertise to handle, including PowerPoint presentations, speeches, reflective writing, report writing, research papers, research proposals, term papers, theses, and dissertations.

These offerings point to an academic and scholarly leaning as most of the offerings here relate to academics. However, it is also worth pointing out that most of these offerings are different in complexity as others target lower levels of education, and others target those pursuing advanced studies.

Business plans, PowerPoint presentations, and speeches also point to a focus towards other clientele, including business enterprises and different settings in an organization that does not fully indicate that academics are part of the process.

There are other offerings by EssayPro, which include course work or homework help. These services here mainly target those who are pursuing their high school studies. Here, services include Chemistry, Engineering, Geography, Maths, Physics, and Statistics assignments. There are pros on the company who have concentrations or majors in such areas and can get the job done as per the requirements – hence the offerings.

Apart from these services, there are other offerings as well that include handling of questions and problems. Here, learners can get assistance with multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and word problems. Most of the time, these offerings under questions and problems mainly target those folks who are in high school.

Other offerings include rewriting and editing. These services involve handling already-crafted content and refining it to ensure that it has the proper formatting, styling, tone, and composition and is devoid of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and poor sentences.

Payment Options

Part of getting a product from this entity involves effecting payment for the product to the writer or the company. Learners cannot get their turnarounds if they do not pay for charges of getting their tasks done.

Towards this end, avails some payment options that students can leverage when making payments for the help they get from this entity. These options include American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. It is also essential to consider that when EssayPro processes refunds, it uses these methods and mechanisms.

This is a wide variety of options that learners can use hence offering convenience when making payments.


Money-Back Guarantees

EssayPro has various guarantees and assurances that exist to indemnify the writer if something goes wrong with the execution process when there is no writer to complete your order. However, a rare occurrence, you will be eligible for a full refund from this company.

When your task is in the hands of a writer, and you decide to cancel the job, then the size of the refund will vary from 100% to 70% to compensate for the effort and resources incurred by this establishment and the expert question.

In cases of late deliveries, EssayPro will see to it that there is compensation equivalent to the delay. However, when there is a submission of the task well after the deadline, it is up to you to release the money.

When there are duplicate orders that are accidental or done by mistake, learners have to contact the support team to make the appropriate clarifications and cancel one order. Situations that involve plagiarised content will require the learner to produce a Turnitin report before processing any requests for refunds.

Whenever dispute claims are resulting from a lack of satisfaction with the quality of the paper on the part of the client, then the administration of EssayPro will look into the matter. Whether the claim will see approval or rejection will depend on the outcome of the investigation.

EssayPro guarantees its clients timely delivery of their turnarounds and per the expectations and requirements put across in the initial ordering stage.

Is This Site Legit

EssayPro is among the leading professional online websites that extend writing assistance to learners in different institutions. With the expertise and experience on board, this entity rightly offers help with a whole array of services.

There are also various operational aspects that this entity has, including money-back guarantees and assurances, which ensure that the client has some recourse whenever there are issues with execution.

The customer testimonials and feedback on the site show that most of the information on the website is checked out and that the entity is running an elaborate, clean, and legitimate operation, which is not easy to come across in this area of focus.


Timely delivery – One key advantage of working with EssayPro is that they do an excellent job of meeting deadlines and honouring time-frames set out in requirements and instructions.

Reasonable pricing – When compared to the industry averages or industry standards, this company does an excellent job with the pricing of its services – which sets the outfit apart from other entities.


Inconsistency in quality – It is not all the time that EssayPro churns out top-notch work. There are inconsistencies with the quality of the delivery and execution at large.

Poor Customer Support – There are times when the communication is down, and there are no elaborate or precise ways of getting to the company, which can be very disappointing on the part of the client.


EssayPro is an establishment that does a good job as far as working academic tasks goes. The writers on the platform have experience in this line of work. These writers have diverse knowledge in different academic areas, making the company have the ability and wherewithal to offer services across a range of disciplines and levels of education.

There are other reliable operational components like timely delivery, original work, financial guarantees, and assurances that make the service reliable, worthwhile, and trustworthy. When you compare this entity with others on the web, you will find that this outfit, as this EssayPro review shows, checks a lot of boxes as far as writing operations and academic help go.