GrabMyEssay works with professional writers who have the necessary background to meet different requirements. We gathered relevant information by evaluating the website. The presentation site is well-developed, and it contains essential details on how this company works. The writers’ selection process is very rigorous, and it takes candidates through different phases. One solid advantage is that the vendor collaborates with native-English speakers only.

Besides, the company is proud of its samples and positive opinions from past clients. In our independent research, we also wanted to check whether this information is accurate. Therefore, we checked different blogs and forums to understand if the clients are completely satisfied. The general feedback was good. This means that the provider offers consistent quality.

As we wanted to make sure that we present accurate information, we also submitted an order on We received the same quality as presented in the samples and communicated by past customers. Also, the price we paid was proportional to the quality received. Therefore, we can recommend GrabMyEssay as a reliable writing service provider that won’t scam its readers with high prices and low-quality content.

Price List

We found that GrabMyEssay has average prices. We cannot say that it offers the lowest prices on the market. However, its fee range is justified considering the competition and amount of work that its writers put to deliver high-quality content. One thing that we liked about this provider is the price calculator. If you access, you will find a calculator that helps you simulate the sum you will pay for a paper. Therefore, you will immediately determine whether the price goes in the same line with your budget or you should search for a different company.

As we mentioned, we also submitted an order on Our ordered paper looked like this:

  • Type of service: essay
  • Difficulty standard: high school
  • Pages: 1
  • Deadline: 2 weeks

The calculator returned a price of $14.99 / page. If we compare this fee with today’s market, we can conclude that GrabMyEssay manages to stay competitive. Besides, the final price can differ based on the specifics of each order and its difficulty. Also, if the deadline is tighter, the client should expect a higher price.

Moreover, the vendor makes the fees appealing and reduces them with consistent discounts. For instance, new clients benefit from a 15% discount from the final price. This is a wise strategy to attract more clients and convince them that the writers do a good job without feeling that they are spending too much money. The support staff can offer more details and instructions on how to apply the welcome discount.

If everything goes well and the client is happy with the content, GrabMyEssay continues to surprise him/her. Therefore, the vendor encourages its customers to keep placing orders on if they want to qualify for lifetime reductions. They are based on volume and they have the following values:

  • 5% price reduction for orders of 15+ pages in total
  • 10% for orders of 50+ pages in total
  • 15% off for orders of 100+ pages in total.

Also, it is important to mention that each order also has a total saving of $85. How is it possible? Any order comes together with the following services offered for free:

  • Outline
  • Title page
  • Bibliography
  • Limitless annotations
  • Formatting
  • Plagiarism report


GrabMyEssay manages to satisfy a wide category of clients. Even though its main target is formed by students, the company excels in delivering writing services for business owners and professionals as well. Students can order essays from for almost any kind of topic. The company works with writers who have a solid background on diverse topics and manages to satisfy even the pickiest tastes. Also, they can write from the easiest level to the most difficult. Therefore, if you need a high school paper or a Ph.D. thesis, you can get them from GrabMyEssay.

The services for students include the following papers:

  • Essays
  • Dissertation thesis
  • Rewriting
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Academic paper writing
  • Multiple choice questions

As we mentioned, the company also targets professionals. In this case, GrabMyEssay works with skilled writers who have experience in human resources. Therefore, they understand what recruiters are looking for and can personalize a resume so that it meets these expectations. Once the writer understands the type of job the client is targeting, he/she will start research and create a convincing resume that will automatically win any recruiter.

Finally, business owners are not forgotten by GrabMyEssay. Clients can order copywriting services and can ask for different writing services related to business. Therefore, the writers can work on web content or prepare informative press releases that improve the company’s visibility and attract new leads.

Payment Methods

Once the client accepts the price showed by the calculator, the next obvious step is to pay for the paper. This is a point when many clients give up in case they feel that the company doesn’t offer safe payment methods. This is not the case for GrabMyEssay. The vendor uses safe payment methods and makes sure that customers don’t put their accounts at risk. So, it encourages clients to pay using the following types of cards:

  • AMEX
  • Discover
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro

Also, as many students prefer PayPal as a payment method, GrabMyEssay made sure to include this option in its list as well. Thus, clients shouldn’t have any excuses but to pay for the order and provide correct information to the writer.


The collaboration between the writer and the customer should be fair. Both parties should feel that they are respected by GrabMyEssay. Therefore, the company developed different policies that set clear rules and help people understand what are the steps they need to follow in certain circumstances.


Any client can ask for free revisions in case the writer didn’t comply with the instructions he/she provided in the order form. From the moment the writer sent the paper to the client, he/she has 14 days at his/her disposal to check the paper and come with revisions, if the case. The writer will do them without charging any extra fees as long as the instructions remain identical. In case the client considers that he/she wants to add extra requirements, then the writer has the right to ask for extra fees.

Money-Back Guarantee

Clients have the right to cancel an order and receive their money back under certain terms and conditions:

  • If the client wants to cancel it before the vendor assigns any writer to write it, then the vendor will refund 100% of the amount paid.
  • If an order is canceled even though the company found an appropriate writer who can deliver the content, then the client can receive only 70% of the total sum back.
  • In case the client revokes the order in the middle of the deadline period, then he/she can receive only 50% of what he/she paid.

Late deliveries are also a subject of refunds. In the case of orders that have a deadline of more than 2 weeks, then the client can receive 7% of the amount paid for late delivery. Apart from that, any deadline missed is a case that will be handled by the support staff. They will evaluate what circumstances lead the writer to this result. On the other hand, in case they determine that the delay didn’t appear because of the writer, then no refunds will be awarded. Such situations are mentioned below:

  • The writer had different technical problems and couldn’t connect to its computer
  • The customer didn’t pay the order on time or offer the requested information to the writer
  • The client extended the deadline.

Is the Site Legit?

When we create reviews, we take a close look at the company’s site. is a legit website from many points of view. First, it has a professional look. This means that the vendor invested some money to do it and worked with an expert web developer. Also, the site is reliable as it uses an SSL encryption system that secures the payments. Such options are available only for 100% legit sites which means that the clients should trust it.


GrabMyEssay has the following pros:

  • Affordable prices
  • Professional website
  • 24/7 support team availability
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Secure payment options


We consider that GrabMyEssay has the following cons:

  • Advanced plagiarism report should be offered for free
  • No referral program

 To Sum Up

GrabMyEssay is a reliable and competitive writing company. It offers affordable prices and works with ENL writers. Therefore, the paper’s quality is usually consistent and follows the client’s requirements. Besides, the company manages to keep both customers and writers satisfied and feel that they are treated fairly with comprehensive policies. Finally, all payments are done through legit payment methods and customer accounts are not put to any risk. These elements convinced us to recommend GrabMyEssay as a legit vendor.