Site Overview

GradeMiners is a paper writing service that helps students to complete their assignments. It handles tasks in different academic disciplines and allows learners from various institutions of higher learning. On its site, this entity claims to have the wherewithal to handle any assignment in at least 50 subject areas and guarantee high quality and fast turnaround. offers different services to its clients. In the process of its delivery, according to its website, some guarantees dictate their operations, including 100% confidentiality, original products, timely delivery, and solid money-back guarantees.

GradeMiners has been in the writing arena for ten years and has delivered 97% of the orders it has worked on in time. With a team of upwards of 3,500 experts aboard the company, this company reports better grades in 9 out of 10 orders or instances that it works orders on behalf of learners from different academic levels.

Pricing System

GradeMiners has a pricing system that makes it possible for learners to compute the proper prices of the services they are seeking. There is a price calculator on the site that allows learners to calculate the order they want to place.

Worth noting is that various variables and elements dictate the price of the services that learners can seek on this platform, including the type of task, the level of education, the time-frame of execution, and the number of pages.

Primarily, the type of task dictates the overall price of the order. The price calculator is unique and intelligent in that it automatically adjusts the type of job to its correct level of education. Different tasks are specific or unique to varying degrees of education.

Various levels of education determine the pricing of these services, including high school, college, undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. While an essay is available throughout these levels of education, a dissertation is a product that is available to those in high school, college, university, Master’s students, and Ph.D. candidates.

For reasons for comparing prices across these educational levels using the various metrics and variables like level of education, deadline, and number of pages, an essay comes across as an appropriate example of a task.

An essay for a high school student with a deadline of 7 days and 1-page long will fetch $11.31 for the standard price. This task will fetch $13.28, $15.27, $19.83, and $21.96 for the college, undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. students. However, these are standard prices. For first-time users, the prices will be $9.61, $11.29, $13.23, $16.86, and $18.67 respectively.

A more urgent deadline will change the standard pricing to $14.75, $16.72, $19.01, $23.27, and $25.40; and $12.54, $14.21, $16.16, $19.78 and $21.59 across special first-time pricing, respectively.

Types of Services offers different services to learners on its platform. These services include essay, assignment, course work, research paper, case study, PowerPoint presentation, book report and review, and dissertation.

These services space out evenly when looked at from an academic or educational level dimension. While an essay is a task that learners from high school to Ph.D. level handle, dissertations are tasks uniquely for those pursuing advanced degrees. This also highlights the fact that GradeMiners’ services cover all learners regardless of their academic level.

Other services or offerings well within the wheelhouse of GradeMiners include term papers, research proposals, lab reports, math problems, and movie reviews. There is also assistance with issues in other areas or subjects.

Subject-level problems are a preserve of high school learners who have to handle and work such issues throughout their studies. This outfit has in store the wherewithal to offer these services, and this is evident from the Maths problem service on its website.

There are other services within the scope of this entity, including theses, cover letter and resume writing, paper writing, homework, and personal statement. Resume writing is mainly a service that does not have learners as a specific target. There are many folks drawn from different areas who need resumes, and this means that it is not only students that are the target of offerings at this entity.

There are other services which include proofreading and editing that offers. These services differ from other conventional forms of writing in various ways. With these services, GradeMiners does not have to do all the legwork of research or the actual writing process.

The writers handle already-crafted content and modify it by eliminating errors and improving the style, tone, formatting, and overall quality of the content. However, the lightness of these services also comes clear in the pricing section, where these services attract or fetch low prices.

Payment Options

Payments are a pre-requisite in the writing process for delivering a product when it comes to working with GradeMiners. Learners need to effect payments to receive products that meet their requirements and expectations in a timely fashion.

Towards this end, there has to be reliable, secure, proper, and dependable infrastructure to facilitate the transfer of funds and other related payment transactions. also facilitate refunds, and in this regard, they have to process their payments through various options and mechanisms.

Payment options available to clients when facilitating payments to this establishment include American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.


Money-Back Guarantees

While clients expect all to go well within the course of execution or handling of their papers or tasks, there could be various aspects that could go wrong. When things do not go according to plan, there is a need to be proper guarantees and assurances that give the clients comfort that they will not lose out.

GradeMiners have money-back guarantees that cover different situations as far as their operations go. When students feel that the turnarounds do not meet their expectations or requirements, they can ask for refunds from the company. However, students are eligible for refunds if they have not made downloads of any kind. Refund requests go through some form of confirmation process before they get approved.

Students can also ask for an endless number of revisions on this company, all in a bid to meet the writer’s expectations and requirements.

Confidentiality Policy

This company assures that the data from transactions and dealings between the client and the service remain private. This data includes communications made on the platform as well as payment transactions.

Customer Support

GradeMiners assures its clients of 24/7 customer support. This means that clients can communicate and reach out to the support team and professionals whenever they like for various reasons and purposes.

Quality Assurance assures its clients that the content on its site is original and does not contain material from other sources like reference materials or previously-crafted papers. Therefore, according to this assurance, learners can rest assured of receiving original content from this company.

Is This Site Legitimate

GradeMiners gives lots of information on its site about its capabilities and those of its experts. There are also various leads on how the company operates as far as execution of customer orders go.

GradeMiners on its site points to efficient and seamless operational aspects, including fool-proof guarantees and assurances about its operations. However, various elements do not thoroughly check out if the customer testimonials are anything to go by.

The feedback from folks who have used these services points to a company that does not precisely offer what is on its website, which means that the legitimacy of GradeMiners as a writing service is in question.


Average turnarounds – The quality of the products from GradeMiners is average, and most learners find this content to be well applicable for further use, like submission to course instructors.

Proper customer support – Learners can be sure of getting the appropriate communication support that they need. This ensures that they can seek relevant assistance from writers and the support team.


Delays in delivery – There are glaring inconsistencies when it comes to delivering turnarounds or products to clients. This causes delays as far as submissions go.

Negative customer feedback – There are lots of negative feedback on the quality of operations at GradeMiners. This indicates that this company does not do a great job in overall terms, which weighs in on the reputation of the establishment.


While GradeMiners passes across as a reliable, worthwhile, and trustworthy writing entity, it is the opposite of this all. A lot of analysis on its operations and its modus operandi in a general show otherwise. Further, as this GradeMiners review indicates, learners who have worked with this company point to a service that misses out on standard operating measures, metrics or best practices in the industry.

Other establishments do an excellent job that learners can rely upon. Outfits like Eduvinci, Edudemius, PenDrago, and EssayPro do quite an impressive and impeccable job with their execution that learners can depend on them for proper and timely turnarounds.