As we wanted to deliver real information about GradeOnFire to our readers, we started our research by evaluating The company’s website was our starting point that gave us plenty of details. We couldn’t find any additional information about the owner. Therefore, we decided to keep digging and understand whether we should trust GradeOnFire.

Our additional sources of information were the community forums, social media, and blog articles. We also checked the customers’ feedback and testimonials. We found out that the general opinion on GradeOnFire services is good. The clients consider that the company works with skilled writers who deliver essays at a fair price.

We also checked the information by placing an order on Even though we read different opinions online, we consider that the best method to check the company’s reliability is by doing a test. We received a well-written essay. The writer followed our instructions. Also, the paper didn’t have any errors and was unique. Therefore, we would say that GradeOnFire is a good writing company that delivers decent quality.

Available Prices and Discounts Rates

GradeOnFire offers friendly prices. We did several simulations on and we found that the rates stay in the market’s range. Clients can find how much they will have to pay for an essay by using the price calculator available on the homepage. The calculator delivers the price instantly once the customer fills the order form with the following details:

  • Type of service
  • Type of paper
  • Number of pages or words
  • Academic level
  • Deadline

We wanted to see how much we would have to pay for a one-page essay written for the high school level. As we wanted to get the lowest possible price, we set the deadline for 14 days. The calculator returned a rate of $12.99. If we would set a tighter deadline of 24 hours, then we would have to pay $24.99. Considering that the students’ budgets are not so generous, GradeOnFire has an acceptable offer.

The final price includes also some free services. The writer also delivers bibliography, outline, title page, formatting services, plagiarism report, and limitless amendments without any extra fees. Their normal cost is actually $70.94. GradeOnFire offers them with zero costs, thus managing to attract more clients.

The available discounts are also competitive. First-time clients are privileged. Any new client receives a 15% discount on the first order. Also, if a client continues to work with GradeOnFire and sends more orders to the writers, he/she will enter in the lifetime discount program. What does it mean? GradeOnFire offers a 5% price reduction permanently for any client who has already ordered papers of a minimum of 15 pages in total. The second discount level is 10% for clients who reach to 50+ pages ordered in total. Finally, long-term customers will get 15% off the price if they order more than 100 content pages in total.

Offered Services

GradeOnFire targets students by offering writing services mainly. The company works with writers who have different proficiency levels to deliver essays on different topics. Apart from essays, clients can order on other types of papers, as follows:

  • Lab reports
  • Research paper
  • Term papers
  • Admission essay
  • Dissertation essay
  • Homework help

Young professionals are not forgotten also. Therefore, GradeOnFire works with writers who have solid expertise in HR. This ability helps them deliver convincing CVs and winning cover letters. For business owners, GradeOnFire collaborates with writers who deliver content writing. Therefore, they can help businesses become more visible and attract more clients. This type of service is a breath of air for busy entrepreneurs who need skilled writers who know how to send clear messages to their target audience.

Apart from writing services, GradeOnFire also offers editing and proofreading services. Rewriting is another type of service available on

Payment Solutions

GradeOnFire offers reliable payment methods to its clients. On, we found a secure SSL encryption system. This means that the clients’ accounts are protected and all transactions are developed in a secure way. The available payment methods are available on the homepage. Clients pay their orders using their cards. GradeOnFire accepts the following types of cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Even though all available payment solutions are secure, we felt the need for an additional method. PayPal would be a great addition that can attract even more clients.


Before we released this review, we checked if GradeOnFire has some policies in place. We view policies as essential in defining a company’s reliability. Therefore, when we discovered different policies available on, we were confident that this vendor does the right thing.

Money-back Guarantee

Unexpected situations can appear that may force the client to cancel an order. Depending on the stage the writer is at, clients can receive their money back under the following conditions:

  • A client can receive all his/her money back if he/she cancels the order before GradeOnFire assigns a writer to it. This is the case of orders canceled almost immediately after they are paid.
  • In case a writer was already assigned to write the essay and the clients still want to cancel the order, he/she can receive a maximum of 70% of the total amount. The customer support team will evaluate the final percentage based on how much of the paper was already written.
  • If the client revokes an order when half of the deadline is already gone, then he/she will receive only 50% of the paid sum.

Late delivery is also a case of refunds. In case the writer fails to deliver the paper in the agreed deadline, the customer has the right to ask for his/her money back. The money-back-guarantee policy clarifies the maximum percentage that a customer might receive back in such cases. For orders that had a 14+ day’s deadline, the refunded amount cannot be more than 7% of what the client paid.

On the other hand, the writer is not responsible for the late delivery in the following cases:

  • The writer encountered various technical complications and was not able to connect to the internet or encountered other browser malfunctions.
  • The delay was caused by the client’s inability to give additional information to the writer when the latter requested it.
  • The deadline was extended by the customer’s decision.

As refunds are a sensitive topic, each case will be handled by the customer support team. They are permanently available and trained to deal with each situation with tact and professionalism. Therefore, they will find a solution to each refund request and do their best to keep the clients satisfied.

Free Revisions

GradeOnFire also offers free revisions. However, the writer is not obliged to revise the work for free if certain conditions are not respected. From the moment the writer sends the final paper, the client has 14 days to check whether the writer followed the instructions and the content is 100% unique. In case the paper has certain flaws, the client is entitled to ask for free revisions to the writer within this 2-week period. Also, it is essential that the customer sends the same instructions for the revision as he/she initially sent in the order. If the new instructions are different, the writer has the right to consider that this is a new order and will charge the client accordingly.

Is the Website Reliable?

We consider that is a legit website. Why? The first sign is the professional structure and look. In our opinion, only reliable companies invest generous budgets in building a smart-looking and user-friendly website. GradeOnFire did a great job with their website. Also, another sign of reliability is secure payment methods and comprehensive policies.


We found the following pros in the GradeOnFire review:

  • Budget-friendly fees
  • Clear discount system and generous price reductions
  • Permanently available customer support team
  • Money-back policy and free revisions
  • Secure payment methods


GradeOnFire should improve the following aspects:

  • Not enough information on the founder’s experience in providing writing services
  • No referral and affiliate discount programs


GradeOnFire offers professional writing services at affordable rates. We discovered that the company values its clients and offers good quality. is a professional website that makes a very good impression. Also, the clear policies and secure payment methods convince clients to keep ordering services from GradeOnFire. On top of that, the customer support team is permanently available and trained to come with fair solutions and information for any situation. Thus, GradeOnFire deserves its place among our recommended writing service providers.