We are reviewing this service because we have been contacted by multiple students asking our thoughts and inquiring whether we endorse this provider or not. Of course, we did have to modify our review approach quite a bit to write this piece. Here are some of the steps we took:

  • We explored the HeyTutor.com website.
  • We engaged with customer service about the available services.
  • We learned the process of creating an account and soliciting bids.
  • We conducted a price comparison.
  • We evaluated the quality of tutoring services.
  • We read policies and reviews to learn more about guarantees.

Pricing System

HeyTutor is an online marketplace. This means they do not set or control the prices that students pay. Instead, students negotiate the rate of pay with the tutors who they match with. To manage expectations, we can state that rates begin at around 17 dollars per hour and can go up to 34 dollars or more. The upside is that students who request tutoring assistance can choose tutors within their budget. The downside is that there is a possibility that no tutors are available within a particular student’s price range.

Before tutoring begins, the student is expected to put money into their account to cover the number of hours they believe they will need. HeyTutor pays their tutor out of this. Of course, the company takes a service fee out of that. When more tutoring is required, they can simply add more money to their accounts.

Because the company doesn’t control pricing, they don’t offer any discounts. However, that doesn’t mean that savings are impossible. There is room for negotiation. Students are allowed to communicate directly with tutors in order to get lower rates or additional services. The most important thing to keep in mind is that low rates are not necessarily a sign of good value. Students should understand that they will likely get what they pay for. If nothing else, they should research each tutor thoroughly.

Types of Services

HeyTutor offers person to person tutoring services through an online marketing platform. There are two specific types of tutoring services here. These are in person tutoring and online tutoring.

HeyTutor In Person Tutoring

It’s clear that HeyTutor was created for the purpose of selling in person tutoring. In fact, whether a student wants online or in person tutoring, they must provide their name, phone number, and location information. This can feel a bit invasive. Further, when students enter their information, they are contacted via phone as there is apparently no online method of communicating.

The good news is that the site is set up to allow students to browse tutors by state. Unfortunately, they cannot drill any deeper than that, so the value of this is somewhat limited. Also, tutors are not necessarily available in all areas for every subject.

Online Tutoring

We were surprised and somewhat disappointed to learn that it’s a bit difficult to navigate the process of finding an online tutor. Students have to use the same process as they would to hire an in person tutor, then wait for a representative to call them. There are other services where all of this happens online and much faster.

Tutoring services are available in a wide range of subjects for various grade levels. That doesn’t mean that a student is guaranteed to find a tutor that helps them. Fortunately, they don’t pay until services are rendered.

The qualifications of the tutors here can vary pretty significantly. Some have graduate degrees. Others are students themselves. To help students learn as much as possible about potential tutors, the site has published tutor profiles that include degrees, qualifications, topics covered, and reviews. This helps students to learn as much as possible before making a final decision.

Payment Options

HeyTutor pays its tutors from what is essentially an escrow account created by each customer. Customers use standard payment methods to add money to this account. These include debit or credit card and PayPal. According to company policy, they do use SSL technology to encrypt these financial transactions.

Everything we found in our research indicates that it is safe to make payments here. There were no credible or significant accusations of financial fraud or other issues. Still, we do urge students to select a payment method that is the safest for their situation.


It’s helpful to keep in mind that HeyTutor.com is not a service provider. Instead, they are a tutoring marketplace. Because of that, the terms of each tutoring agreement are largely between the student and their tutor. In fact, the HeyTutor policy pages make it very clear that tutors are not employed by them, that they do not endorse or recommend any tutors, and that they are not responsible for any negative results a student might experience.

Because of this policy, students must understand that they are largely responsible for ensuring they hire a tutor who is truly qualified. Fortunately, you may request a new tutor if you are not satisfied. The company will also intervene in cases of gross misconduct or fraud. However, that doesn’t include a tutor who simply isn’t very good at what they do.

There are limited circumstances in which a refund may be granted. This is generally when tutoring services are not delivered at all. This process isn’t guaranteed, though. Students should only release payment when they are satisfied.

When it comes to privacy, this service does have very strong guarantees. In fact, they have published a very detailed privacy policy document that details how they collect and use data. This policy contains a guarantee that they do not sell information to third parties. It also explains how students can control how their information is used. This includes the ability to have their information removed from the company servers entirely.

Is HeyTutor Legit?

We are happy to confirm that HeyTutor is a legitimate business and website. In order to meet this criterion, we searched for evidence of the following:

  • That the company has a positive reputation.
  • They deliver services as promised.
  • Customers are able to navigate the website safely.
  • Customer support is available on a reasonable schedule.

Because each of these things is true, we are able to confirm legitimacy. However, this should not be construed as a full endorsement. While many people certainly use the site with good results, not all students are completely satisfied. We encourage anyone considering this site to conduct their own research. This includes reading HeyTutor testimonials, reading policy pages, and researching potential tutors before making a hiring decision.


We did identify several positive points as we researched HeyTutor.com. These are:

  • HeyTutor offers a wide selection of tutors.
  • There are prices within the budgets of many students.
  • A large number of student reviewers are very satisfied with the tutoring services they receive.
  • Both online and in person tutoring options are available.


HeyTutor also has some negative qualities. While these may not be enough to exclude the service from consideration, they should be considered. These include:

  • Little to no protection for students if they do not receive quality tutoring services.
  • A clunky process for placing requests for bids, especially for those seeking online tutoring.
  • Tutors may or may not be available depending on subject and location.

To Sum Up

To conclude this HeyTutor review, our overall impression is neutral. We have found that many students are able to use HeyTutor services and achieve satisfactory results. Our experiences were positive, as well. At the same time, we uncovered a few negatives. These include high prices and the need to conduct business with the company largely by phone. HeyTutor.com is also a bit difficult to navigate.

Because we don’t believe this site is fraudulent in any way, we will not recommend against HeyTutor. However, we do urge students to take precautions. This includes researching their tutors, reading policy pages carefully, and negotiating the terms of their agreement carefully. Keep in mind that HeyTutor.com will likely not act on your behalf if there is a dispute.