Years ago, there were a couple of solutions to these problems. They found classmates they could pay to do that coursework; maybe they had relatives who could help out, or they just did a poor job on some of those assignments and took bad grades.

Things changed with the Internet. All of a sudden, there were banks of essays and papers that students could buy. This worked for a while until plagiarism detection software was developed.

Enter online writing services. This has become the new solution for coursework help, and it has resulted in thousands of enterprising people launching businesses in this industry. And like all growing service industries, the levels of quality vary from horrible to terrific.

The trick is to find a writing service that is terrific. Doing so requires lots of research and looking for the right clues because they all promise the same thing – high quality, original, and custom products and services. Unfortunately, most students don’t know what to look for, and, even if they did, the effort takes lots of time.

That’s where Buy Essay Review comes in. We do the deep research; we rate writing services based on sound criteria, and then we prepare summaries and make our recommendations.

This MarvelousEssays review is the result of our work.

Payment System

There is a hamburger menu at the top left corner of almost every MarvelousEssays page. Within that menu is a link to “Prices.” That link will bring up charts for calculating the various services the company offers.

Pricing is a bit high for the industry average in every category of services. Here are some examples of MarvelousEssays prices

  • Basic essays: These run from $12.99/page at the high school level up to $62.99/page at the doctoral level. These include built-in discounts for first-time customers. The $12.99 price is with an 11-day deadline.
  • Research Paper – College Level: Begins at $23.49/page with a 7-day deadline and built-in discount for a first-time customer.
  • Editing: Begins at $7.99/page and travels up to $33.99 as academic levels go up and deadline times become more urgent.
  • Re-writing: Begins at $10.99/page with 11-days for delivery and increases to $48.99.

As with most writing services, pricing depends upon three factors – student grade level, product/service type, and the delivery due date.

MarvelousEssays discounts offset prices somewhat. There is an automatic 15% built in for every new customer, as well as additional discounts from 5 – 15% depending on the size of the order (30 pages or more).

Other offsets will increase the price of an order. These are extra that can be added during the formal ordering process. Choosing a UK writer adds 5%; choosing higher level writers or VIP customer support will add more; paying an additional $1.95 will allow for an extension beyond the 2-day limit for free revision requests, and so forth.

Even with discounts, MarvelousEssays range of prices is high. This does not concern us, as long as students get top quality for their money.

Types of Services

Students can get to the full listing of MarvelousEssays services through the drop-down menus on the quote form or the formal order form. The pricing charts really only list categories.

And that list is far-reaching. Of course, there are all of the most common/popular, then the less popular, and then the least popular but still needed by some.

Most Popular

  • Basic essays of all types, all grade levels, and all topics
  • Essays with research requirements – still all grade levels, and on any topic
  • Research and term papers – all topics, all levels
  • Book reviews
  • Movie reviews/analyses
  • Homework/Coursework assignments, especially in STEM areas
  • Online test-taking

Less Popular but Still Important

  • Research proposals
  • Abstracts
  • Lab reports
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • Case studies
  • Personal/Goal statement essays
  • Internship application materials
  • Resumes
  • Articles and article re-writes
  • Thesis sections
  • Dissertation chapters

Least Popular but Still Provided

  • White papers
  • Blog articles
  • Grant proposals
  • Synopses
  • Business and marketing pans
  • More

To handle this multitude of services, it is obvious that there has to be an enormous team of writers. MarvelousEssays states that it does use a supply of freelance writers with bachelor’s through Ph.D. degrees and assigns them to orders for which they are qualified. Quality, then, should be high. We use the same factors to judge the quality of all writing services.

  • MarvelousEssays has site content that is written in proper English for the most part. A few grammatical errors are typical of ESL writers.
  • There are plenty of sample writings on the MarvelousEssays website. Students should read a few of them. We did. And our ratings are mixed. One in particular, “An Analysis of Crime Charges and Defense Mechanisms,” lacked logical flow and had no thesis statement. There was an annotated bibliography that reflected good quality. We also found some compositional errors that are typical of ESL writers.
  • We did find some of our site users who had placed orders with Again, the response was mixed. Those at upper grade levels (final years of university and in graduate programs) were less satisfied than ESL and lower grade level students.

Payment Methods

Students have options to use any of eight bank cards in making payment for their MarvelousEssays orders – more than most every agency we have looked at.

Protection of student bank card data is in place at MarvelousEssays. It does not process student payments but uses two reputable processing firms.

It would be a good idea for MarvelousEssays to add some of the more current and secure platforms too – PayPal and Apple Pay, for example.


Students will find three policies on the MarvelousEssays website – Terms and Conditions, Delivery, and Privacy.

Privacy: MarvelousEssays collects personal information from students who wish to place an order – the same information that other companies collect – name, email address, and phone number. It promises that it assigns every student an ID number to identify them as they use their personal account. Their personal information is securely stored elsewhere. If a student decides not to use MarvelousEssays again, they request deletion of that information via customer support.

Delivery: This is a short few-sentence policy that simply states all orders are delivered on time. There are no provisions for when a deadline is not met.

Free Revisions: Students may request revisions at no charge if they do so within 2 days of receiving their piece of writing or another service. If they have paid the $2 during the ordering stage, they can have up to 6 days.

No plagiarism: MarvelousEssays has its own in-house plagiarism scanning software and states that it checks all completed pieces when finished. Students can get a free plagiarism report if requested.

Refunds: Conditions by which refunds are allowed are contained in the Terms and Conditions Agreement. These strict “rules” need to be understood, so students should read them.

Is Site Legit?

A company known as Writology, Ltd. owns This parent company is registered in Cyprus, has a writing service in its own name and several other writing agencies too. It has been in business since 2013, and this explains how there can be such a large pool of freelance writers. has a website that accurately portrays what it offers, its policies, and its processes. It protects student information and has secure payment methods. is a legit site.


  • Protection of privacy
  • Secure payment methods
  • Communication between student and writer
  • Round-the-clock customer support


  • No recourse if deadline not met
  • 2-day restriction on revision requests
  • Higher grade level students not fully satisfied

To Sum Up may be a good match for some students. It offers a huge array of services to students from high school forward. Our review has provided lots of detail that students should review before considering the use of Marvelous Essays. We also encourage students to read through our reviews of other writing services we have rated highly.