Many students give up when they feel stressed about the upcoming exams and feel that they are not going to finish all the content that they have to write. Therefore, they search for professional help and MyAssignmentHelp is one of the reliable providers that they work with. As we know that our readers are looking for legit information, we built this MyAssignmentHelp review to show them the pros and cons that this company has to offer.

Our preferred source of information was We used it to build the biggest part of our review because we discovered a nice-looking site with a clear structure. Also, the site showed us how this vendor operates and what customers have to do to finalize an order. While we found different services that meet the students’ needs, we weren’t so happy about the way prices are communicated. We expected more transparency from MyAssignmentHelp’s side and unfortunately, we didn’t find it for this review.

Prices and Discounts

MyAssignmentHelp targets students and offers professional help for their writing assignments. When we entered on we expected to see a price calculator to understand which is the fee’s average. However, we couldn’t find anything like this. We also opened an account on to check whether we could get assistance for the final quotation. We consider that the vendor should be more transparent when it comes to prices. Customers need to know from the first moment when they enter the site which is the average quotation they should expect.

While we couldn’t find too many details about the prices, we discovered some special offers available on According to the vendor’s offer, any client who books any 6 assignments within one week, he/she is eligible to receive the 7th one without any other costs. In case the client books 4 similar assignments within 3 days, he/she gets an additional copy for free.

On top of that, the client books 3 assignments within 72 hours, then the offer includes 10% off in the 2nd assignment and a 15% reduction from the price of the third one. Another interesting offer available on mentions that the customers who book 2 assignments within 2 days, will get a price reduction of 10% in the second assignment.

MyAssignmentHelp has also a referral program that encourages clients to recommend its services to friends and relatives. They are incentivized with a generous discount for the loyal clients who trust MyAssignmentHelp. They will receive 10% as a permanent discount on all the client’s friends or relatives’ orders. Also, a loyalty program is available on Customers receive 1 point for every currency point spent. Once the customer gets 500 points, he/she will receive $5 as a reward which can be used for future orders.


Even though we couldn’t make a clear opinion on the prices offered by MyAssignmentHelp, we discovered an extended list of services. It is obvious that the vendor targets students and wants to do everything it can to keep them satisfied. Therefore, the clients can ask for online assignment help. It means that the writers collaborating with MyAssignmentHelp can deliver essays and assignments as fast as possible on different topics. MyAssignmentHelp works with some of the best writers in Australia and makes sure to partner only with skilled professionals. For example, it accepts to work with industry practitioners, professors, lecturers who have the necessary experience to deliver flawless content for different levels, from K-12 to doctorate.

The second category of services includes custom essay writing services. MyAssignmentHelp aims to help students with more than writing content on the selected topics. Its target is to help them get the necessary knowledge on the subjects that interest them the most. The team of writers working for MyAssignmentHelp has the necessary knowledge on how to prepare an essay from scratch and personalize it according to the student’s requirements.

Apart from essay writing services, dissertation writing help is another category available on This is a complex paper that requires in-depth knowledge from the writer’s side. The experts that work on delivering this type of service know how to do deep-research using different sources of information. Also, they know how to make the difference between quantitative and qualitative data and create a balance between these two.

The final major category includes other types of writing services. In this category, we found writing services like homework or coursework help, case studies, research papers, or online exam help. Depending on the subject, MyAssignmentHelp manages to assign a skilled writer with experience on the respective topic. Thus, they will deliver the expected quality and be able to follow the client’s requirements.

Payment Methods

Just like other competitors on the market, MyAssignmentHelp manages to offer secure payment methods. Clients can pay using their cards directly on They can use their cards issued by Amex, Visa, Discover, or MasterCard. Thanks to these secure methods, the customer’s accounts aren’t put at any risk.

Revision and Refund Policy

We discovered detailed terms and conditions that help students understand how and when they can ask for refunds or revisions. For example, according to this policy, any client who cancels an order before the vendor assigned a writer to do it will receive only 75% of the amount back. In case the writer already started to work on the paper, then the writer will calculate how much he/she should be compensated for the work he/she has already done. In case an order has a short deadline, which is below 24 hours, or then the deadline period has only 24 hours left, then the client is not allowed to submit any cancellation requests.

In case the vendor doesn’t manage to find a suitable writer for the client’s order, then he/she will receive the next assignment without any costs. Besides, MyAssignmentHelp has a clear 100% satisfaction policy. Therefore, it allows customers to ask for revisions if they feel that the writer didn’t follow the instructions accordingly. However, revisions can be done in the timeframe agreed in the payment plan. No refunds or other revisions will be given after the period agreed on the submission date.

Even though this is a rare and almost impossible case, clients can ask for a refund if they got a low grade because of the content ordered from In such a situation, the vendor accepts to give back 50% of the amount paid. However, the period when the customer is entitled to ask for such a refund is 90 days in case he/she uses the Premium&Standard Plans or 60 days in case the customer uses the Limited Payment Plan.

Site Reliability is a legit site. We were convinced by its professional look. The site’s structure showed us that the vendor used a skilled web development team. Also, the company allows payments using 100% secure instruments. This means that the site uses an encrypted and safe system that allows clients to pay safely without any risks. All these elements are clear signs that is a safe website.


We identified the following positive characteristics in our MyAssignmentHelp review:

  • Safe payment methods
  • Legit site
  • A detailed list of services
  • Permanently available customer support team


MyAssignmentHelp should improve the following areas:

  • More transparency when it comes to the way prices are calculated


MyAssignmentHelp tries to be as customer-focused as possible. It includes a detailed list of services that helps customers benefit from personalized content writing services. Even though the company doesn’t have a transparent method to calculate prices, we liked that we found legit payment methods. This is a clear sign that MyAssignmentHelp puts consistent efforts to be a reliable company and satisfy its clients with constant quality. Also, the refunds and revision policies convince the customers that they should trust this vendor.