Site Overview

PaperHelp is a company that offers help with academic essays and papers on the web. This establishment has handled essays for more than 105,000 students in different learning institutions across varying levels of education if the information on its website is legit and anything to go by. also claims to have six-semester clients who rely on help from the site and upwards of 566,854 papers handled by the company since its inception and start of operations. This establishment offers advice in different fields of study across a range of academic levels and tasks of varying complexity.

PaperHelp has a process that learners have to follow when seeking academic assistance, which involves placing an order, tracking the progress of execution, and delivering the turnaround. According to its site, there are vital components that form the core of its operations, including personalization, privacy, and anonymity, full-time customer support, original products, learned experts, money-back guarantees, as well as secure payments. However, all these aspects remain unverifiable.

Pricing System

PaperHelp has a pricing calculator that forms the core of its pricing system on its website. This calculator allows customers to input the key descriptions and details of their tasks and calculate the price or charges of their papers they intend to seek help with.

There are various variables that clients can enter, but worth noting is that there is a key or significant pillar that helps determine the overall price. This is the level of education. offers help in various academic standards, including High School, College, University, and Ph.D.

Learners have to select their level of education before inputting other variables to determine the overall price of the services they are seeking help with on the platform. Worth noting is that the level of education dramatically influences the service’s cost since this component denotes the level of difficulty or complexity of the task at hand.

The type of paper, the number of pages, and the deadline for executing the task are the other vital components that will ultimately determine the price of the article or essay. An essay that is 275-words long or 1-page long for a high school student required in a 2-week time-frame will fetch an approximate price of $12.

The same essay will fetch a different price for the college, university, and Ph. D. student at $14, $20, and $24. Varying the deadline to a week will see the prices adjust to $17, $19, $23, and $27. The prices here change to reflect the urgency of the task at hand.

Types of Services

According to its site, PaperHelp offers a variety of services including annotated bibliographies, argumentative essays, articles, article reviews, biographies, blog writing, book review, business plans, capstone projects, case studies, coursework, creative thinking, and critical thinking.

Other services or offerings within the wheelhouse of PaperHelp include essays and its derivatives, exam notes, laboratory reports, literature reviews, movie reviews, poster presentations, PowerPoint presentations, question and answer quizzes, reflective statements, and report writing.

Most of these offerings point to original writing from scratch that involves researching a particular area, gathering findings, collating the proper points, and coming up with the write-up. These services also point out to a concentration in academic offerings.

Other offerings here are also well outside the traditional academics wheelhouse and fall mostly under non-academic scenarios. PowerPoint presentations, poster presentations, and business plans are some services that lean more towards outside academic situations than they lean to educational stuff.

There are also other offerings by, which include research papers, research proposals, speeches, term papers, theses, thesis proposals, and thesis statements. The composition of these services points out to a varying degree of complexity, which shows that these services target different levels of education.

There is also another category that specifically targets those who are pursuing their high school studies. This category mainly includes homework help and includes assistance with assignments and related tasks in subject areas, including Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geography, Maths, Physics, Programming, as well as assignments in other areas.

There is also specific help with various dissertation aspects, including the abstract, chapters, conclusion, hypothesis, introduction, methodology, results, and topics. For those in high school, there is more specific help with questions and problems in areas including multiple-choice questions, problem-solving, rewriting, editing, or proofreading, as well as typing.

Other services include help with admissions under which PaperHelp offers admission essays, application letters, cover letters, curriculum vitae, personal statements, and resumes.

Payment Options

Students who seek services of a different kind from PaperHelp have to effect their payments to receive the products they ordered. For this to happen seamlessly and securely, there needs to be proper infrastructure and methods.

While it is predominantly the learners who use these methods, it is worth pointing out that uses these payment options whenever it has to process refunds to its clients due to circumstances that have inhibited proper and timely execution.

The options available for facilitating payments here include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Apple Pay, and Splitit. With these options, consumers choose what option to go with as far as handling payments go.


Money-Back Guarantees

Whenever some aspects do not go well with the execution, there needs to be some form of recourse for the student. To this end, PaperHelp has some money-back guarantees that help to dictate how refunds happen. However, most of these guarantees are what the website has online, but to a large extent, their working is not verifiable in other places, including customer testimonials and feedback.

Students are eligible for a full refund when they pay twice or even thrice on the same order. In such circumstances, the student should report the situation to the Support Team, which will handle the process of approving the refund request.

When no proper writer is available to take on your task, you will receive a full refund from the company. Also, when there are late deliveries to extents that you have no use for the paper, there will be a full refund from PaperHelp.

Learners get a 70% refund when they want to cancel the order while the expert is working on it but not half past the deadline. When the deadline exceeds 50%, then there will be a 50% refund, and the other amount will go to the writer as compensation for their time and resources.

Revision Policy

There can be revisions for tasks as long as instructions remain unchanged. Students can send their requests for revision by clicking on the send for revision button on the order page of the user’s control panel.

Students can request for up to a maximum of 3 free revisions, after which they will have to pay for other requests for revision.

Is This Site Legit

On its website, PaperHelp outlines how efficient it is as far as its operations go. It also describes various services that it offers, as well as different guarantees and assurances if things do not go according to plan. However, it is worth noting that various operational aspects do not check out or measure up.

Customer testimonials point to a service that does not precisely meet or honour its agreements or guarantees or assurances. Therefore, is not a legitimate service, and experience shows that there are glaring inconsistencies and variations of what is on the website and what happens.


Quick delivery – PaperHelp is fast with its execution. Students can rest assured of getting their products regardless of the turnaround period given or the urgency of the task at hand.

Lots of services – There are many services that PaperHelp offers, which cover all academic levels as well as disciplines or areas of focus.


Inconsistency – According to reviews and testimonials from people who have sought the services of and aid from this entity, there are glaring inconsistencies with their quality and execution.

Prices – Urgent tasks are relatively expensive compared to other jobs. This places a burden on learners who seek help from this company.


PaperHelp offers various services to learners in different institutions of learning, pursuing numerous studies and courses. There are writers drawn from different academic disciplines that handle the tasks here that students place in orders.

PaperHelp charges different prices for their services, depending on the instructions and requirements of the student. While there is a lot of positive information about the operations of PaperHelp, it is different when you look at actual products from the company.

This entity is not a reliable entity as this PaperHelp Review shows, and students are better off when they work with other tested and reputable entities, including PenDrago, Eduvinci, Edudemius, and EssayPro.