Site Overview

PenDrago is an online entity that helps students work their academic tasks. This company is a choice for many learners seeking help thanks to its fast turnaround periods and tons of services on offer according to information on its website.

Working with this entity is quite an easy process as it involves three key stages, which include setting a particular task, picking a pro to handle that task, and tracking the execution of the job. With experts from different academic disciplines and experience, is a leading entity in this line of work. The expertise on board makes it possible for this establishment to handle a vast majority of the tasks that come its way.

This company has an elaborate website that allows users to retrieve necessary information quickly. Students can be sure of accessing the info they are seeking straightforwardly. This ease means that seeking help from PenDrago is quite an easy endeavour.

Pricing System

PenDrago has a pricing system that allows learners to determine the amount they have to pay for the various services available. This company has a well-organized payment system that makes it possible for learners to quickly know how much they will incur when seeking help regarding a particular task.

Three broad categories determine the pricing of the services on this platform. These include writing, editing, and proofreading. While writing involves coming up with content straight from scratch – from the research process to the actual writing process, editing and proofreading involve dealing with content that already exists.

Editing and proofreading involve polishing up content to ensure that it conforms to the paper’s requirements or the task in question. It also consists of eliminating errors and other mistakes – all with the end goal of ensuring clean and refined content.

For writing, charges $17.56 per page that is 300 words long. Under this writing category, there are various offerings, including original content writing, in-depth research, formatting, and styling, tests, surveys, and problem-solving.

Editing will cost you from $11.70 for a 300-words page, and the process will generally involve services like fine-tuning the structure of the paper, adjusting the tone, formatting, and styling, as well as proofreading, free of charge.

Proofreading as an offering fetches $9.96 per 300-words page. Here, students get the appropriate aid with grammar review, punctuation checks, and typos removal.

Types of Services

There is a wide array of offerings at PenDrago that span different levels of education, diverse areas of study or disciplines, and varying degrees of complexity. There are various academic levels where this entity offers assistance, which includes high school, college, undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D.

This entity offers help with essays and various derivatives, research and term papers, book reviews, movie reviews, literature reviews, and projects. A key aspect to note with the offerings here is that most of them are academic.

Other services that PenDrago offers include working dissertations and theses. Some offerings mainly target those pursuing their high school studies. These include assignments and quizzes. PenDrago handles various quizzes in different subjects, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Maths.

Further, there are those multiple-choice assignments and problem-solving tasks that learners in high school handle as part of their academic commitments. handles these in equal measure, and individuals with such work in their hands can seek the relevant help from this outfit.

Most of these offerings target the academic arena. However, there are those offerings that have a focus on businesses and business people. These include the writing of Curriculum Vitae as well as crafting business plans. These are business-oriented products that this company offers.

While most of the tasks involve coming up with content from scratch, some tasks involve the polishing and cleaning up content. PenDrago offers editing and proofreading services to those clients who cannot refine their write-ups.

In most cases, course instructors and professors give learners instructions to conform to whenever they assign academic tasks. However, crafting the content itself is one thing, and making it conform to formats, standards, styles, and requirements is another thing altogether. This is where the editing and proofreading services of this establishment come in.

Payment Options

Students cannot receive their products if they have not facilitated their payments with PenDrago. Therefore, fees are a necessary process in this whole transaction. This is why this company avails a set of options that clients can use whenever they access the services and help of this establishment. has some payment options that it supports and are available for use, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. The advantage here is that these are multiple options, and learners can select those that best suit them and their situations wherever they are – thus offering choice and convenience to users.


It is not all the time that execution at PenDrago goes as planned. However, in such circumstances, there are guarantees and assurances in place to ensure the client, nor the entity loses out.

Money-Back Guarantee

PenDrago has a money-back guarantee that ensures that clients do not lose out, nor does the company when some things happen. When the order is not in the hands of a writer due to allocation issues, the customer can cancel the order and get a 100% refund.

In the event the order is in the hands of a writer and the deadline is not half-past, but there are ongoing efforts with regards to the order, you will receive a 70% refund. When the deadline is well half-past, then you will be eligible for a 50% refund.

If there are several payments made to this entity by mistake on the student’s part, there will be refunds of full amounts in the transactions involved. Other circumstances like late sample delivery will see the student get a refund of 20% depending on the situation involved.

Late deliveries that involve situations where the client has not made a download of the file in question will see the student get a total refund.

Revision Policy

Free revisions are possible on only when the revision request is within a 10-day time-frame of the submission or delivery of the said task. However, learners should note that the revision instructions should not differ from those of the job in the first place.

Is This Site Legit

PenDrago offers a lot of information about its operations on its site. The services it offers are legit, and they check out. Lots of experts from diverse fields on the platform do a great job, thanks to their experience in this area.

Customer testimonials and feedback point to a company that does good work as far as its quality goes. This indicates that, indeed, this firm does an excellent job as it suggests on its website. Internal research also confirms that other operational aspects like guarantees and assurances are reliable are indeed work as required.


Top-quality work – PenDrago does an excellent job with its execution, and clients can rest assured of receiving high-quality work whenever they work with this company.

Quick and timely delivery – Since most learners expect fast turnarounds, they can be sure of getting timely products whenever they engage this company.


High prices – PenDrago charges fees that are well above the industry standard or industry average. This could be a turnoff for most clients.

Long order management process – This company has a detailed and complex order management process that could put off willing customers as this PenDrago review shows. This is all to the detriment of the company.


PenDrago is a leading company when it comes to tackling tasks on behalf of learners. With a vast network of pros from different fields with proper and valid academic qualifications, this company can handle orders of varying magnitude and topic regardless of the deadline.

With its vast offerings, quick execution, solid guarantees, and assurances, learners can take comfort in the fact that their tasks are in good hands whenever they contract PenDrago to handle their academic assignments.

Other operational aspects or elements of this outfit, like the speed of execution and meeting deadlines, also check out, and these are among the things that make this company rank highly in this field.