In this Skooli review, you will find valuable information on how a tutoring program can help students improve their academic performance. Also, anyone who enters on will discover that the vendor’s tutoring services help parents a lot. How is that possible? These services give them peace of mind. Skooli was created 10 years ago. Throughout these years it managed to gather experienced teachers who are open to sharing their expertise and created personalized learning services that meet today’s digital age requirements.

We found a legit site that contains valuable information on how Skooli works. The ordering system is very simple. Therefore, both parents and students can order immediately the services they need with some simple clicks. Also, the pricing system is quite affordable, even though the available fees cannot be found immediately.

How Much It Costs

One of the most important values that describe a company is transparency. Therefore, when we entered, we expected to find all details we needed without searching too much. So, we looked for a price calculator to understand which are the pricing plans. We couldn’t find one which forced us to open an account to check how much we would have to pay for tutoring services.

We consider that the company should offer from the beginning details on how much their services cost. This is an effective strategy to show the clients that they don’t have anything to hide. Also, customers can check from the beginning how much the tutoring services cost and decide whether they want to continue with the order or not.

The pricing system for Skooli is very simple. Customers will pay as they go. The available fee is $0.82 per minute. Also, the vendor mentions that it doesn’t have any hidden costs or fees. Clients pay for the tutoring time they need and request. In addition, the price is the same whether you are a student or a parent.

One advantage of this type of pricing matrix is that customers don’t have to bother with subscriptions or monthly payments. Therefore, their life becomes easier as they don’t have to stress if they want to cancel the subscription if they don’t use the services anymore.

On the other hand, we consider that Skooli could win more clients if they developed an attractive discount scheme. The only discounts available that we could find on were for affiliate programs. Skooli incentives students who refer their services to other friends or relatives. The person who accepts the recommendation receives 60 minutes of free tutoring services on any topic they want to choose. Also, once the free trial is completed, the student who made the referral gets $10 as a credit on their account.


The subject list is very diverse on The vendor aims to develop new subjects according to the market’s requirements. This is an effective strategy to make its customers fully satisfied. The subjects covered by Skooli at the moment are the following:

  • Math
  • Humanities
  • Business
  • ESL
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Science
  • Grade

Also, another essential feature is that students can search for the tutors they want to work with anytime they want. They can access the list of tutors and analyze their profiles. Based on their experience and tutoring objectives, clients can ask for one-to-one tutoring sessions and learn from the best.

On top of that, Skooli guarantees full satisfaction to its customers. The company has a Satisfaction Guarantee that recommends them for keeping their word. Also, they can connect on the platform from anywhere. Thus, whether you use a platform or a mobile phone, you can immediately connect to

Payment Instruments

Another essential aspect that recommends a company for its reliability is its ability to use secure payment methods. As Skooli aims to work with students, they should work more on giving detailed information on the payment instruments. For example, PayPal should be included on the list of available instruments.

When we entered, we expected to find the information on payment methods immediately. We were surprised to find only one phrase in the FAQ section mentioning that they accept payments with the majority type of cards. In our opinion, this detail is important and it should be explained carefully on the site. We also simulated a payment from our account and the only option that we could find was payment via card. We consider that PayPal should be also accepted as a legit payment. Students will definitely love it.

Terms and Conditions

A company offering tutoring services can make its clients trust them by offering clear policies that show both the client and the tutor that they have some rights and obligations. Therefore, we consider it is essential to review some of the most important rules included in the terms and conditions document.

Cancellation Policy

One of the most accessed policies by clients is the cancellation policy. In case the client cancels the tutoring class between1 hour and 12 hours before the start time, then a penalty fee of $3 will be applied. Skooli will apply the tax immediately to the client’s account without any further notice.

If the customer cancels the sessions between 30 minutes and 1 hour before the class’ start, then the penalty tax becomes $10. For a cancellation that appears less than half an hour before the start, then the client is obliged to pay the entire class’ amount.

On the other hand, the tutors also have some obligations. If the tutor doesn’t enter the session’s virtual room within 15 minutes since the start hour, then the client won’t pay any fee for the minutes he/she waited for the tutor to enter.

Late Policy

If you are late 15 minutes in the virtual classroom, you will pay for the whole session, including the minutes you were late. Thus, the customer knows that he/she should never be late if they don’t want to pay for the services without using them.

If the customer is more than 15 minutes late, then the tutor can decide to cancel the policy. This is a common-sense rule, considering that the tutor has a busy schedule that should be respected. If such a situation appears, then the customer will have to pay for the entire duration of the scheduled session, in case it is of less than 1 hour. On the other hand, if the tutor is more than 15 minutes late, then the customer can cancel the session without being charged anything.

Other Policies

In case the customer ends the session earlier than its ending time, then he/she should understand that Skooli will charge him/her the amount related to the entire session. On the contrary, if the client is excited about the session delivered by Skooli’s tutors, he/she can decide to extend the session beyond the booked time. This extension can be done only if the tutor agrees. In such a case, the client will be charged per minute for extra time. Last but not least, tipping is not allowed at all, either outside or inside

Site Reliability

We consider that is a legit site. Even though we found some flaws when it comes to transparency, we consider that they do a good job by developing a professional site. It is obvious that the site was developed by a professional team who knows how a legit website should look like. Another argument that convinced us to conclude that is reliable is that it allows payments via card. This means that the site uses an encrypted system that secures payments done using debit or credit cards.


We found the following positive characteristics in this Skooli review:

  • A diverse list of subjects covered
  • Legit site
  • Payments can be done via cards
  • Cancellation and late policy available
  • Affordable fees


We identified several cons in the way Skooli operates:

  • No discounts available for loyal customers
  • No refund policy available on
  • PayPal is not mentioned as an allowed payment method


We consider that customers should trust Skooli for different reasons. They offer an extended list of services that help customers find the tutor they need irrespective of how difficult their topic is. Also, the company has no hidden costs or fees and allows students or parents to pay as they go. Another positive aspect is that it has a clear cancellation and late policy that clarifies the situations when the student has to pay penalty fees. Even though Skooli has an affiliate program developed, we consider that they should work in the area of discounts. Also, the payment methods allowed should be more diverse.