Site Overview

StudyBay is an online professional paper writing entity that helps learners with their academic tasks. This company extends assistance in a wide variety of subjects, academic disciplines across different levels of education.

On its site, outlines the process that learners should follow when seeking help, which includes telling the company about the requirements of the project, comparing offers from different writers who bid for the project, and setting a time-frame for executing the project.

StudyBay also notes that there are numbers that help to explain its operations or activities including a team of 52,000 experts all over the globe, 12,000,000 projects that have seen successful completion, 96% level of satisfaction among the clients, and an upwards of 1,650,000 learners who have received help from this company.

This establishment also puts across information about the key pillars of its operations, including low prices, trusted experts, and fast results. However, these operational metrics are largely unverifiable, but the information contained on the outfit’s website.

Pricing System

StudyBay has a different pricing system compared to other companies or entities in this space. While other establishments use price calculators and other similar tools for learners to determine how much their services cost, uses a bidding system.

Under this system, learners have to enter the details or relevant info regarding the job they have. They then search for or look for experts who are capable enough. They make this choice from a list of pros that comes up from the bidding system.

At times, this system brings up writers who charge above-average prices gauged by their experience in their fields or the skills they have. This could keep learners out of reach of these services as it is not all people who can afford to pay high prices in exchange for relevant academic assistance.

When you look at how this entity executes and the job it does with regards to client tasks, one might think that this system is too much out of reality. With the substandard quality of the output and other delays like the cap on the period for execution, these high fees are not reflective of the quality of help people stand to get by working with this company.

On its site, this establishment also indicates and notes that there is a flat price where they start, which is $13 per page. This price is for first-timers, and this is after a discount to the quantum of $10. This is also a high fee, especially when you compare this with other industry averages and standards.

Types of Services offers various services that have varying degrees of technicality or complexity across different levels of education. This help also varies across academic disciplines. Some of the site’s key offerings include dissertations, how-to write-ups, essays in humanities, biographies, and business plans.

This varied combination of offerings shows that StudyBay assists people from different areas that do not necessarily have an academic background. While having applications in business-oriented courses, business plans are mainly the preserve of those organizations or entities that engage in for-profit activities. Therefore, this places StudyBay as an establishment that goes well outside the traditional parameters of academics to offer relevant writing assistance.

StudyBay provides services to its customers, including personal statements, sitemaps, case studies, essays by subjects, reports, and tasks in social and natural sciences. These offerings here cover diverse areas of concentration as far as scholarly endeavours go.

Worth noting is that these tasks also vary in complexity as some are unique to particular academic levels. This also hints at the fact that the services here cover different educational levels.

Other offerings include help with course work, formatting of papers, topics, Curriculum vitae, research, homework, speech, and theses.

Homework comprises tasks that are mainly for those who are pursuing high school studies – and they often are subject-specific in the sense that learners have to handle homework in areas like Maths, Physics, Statistics, or even Chemistry.

Other offerings deviate from traditional works, including formatting, which mainly involves removing spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, poor sentences, and improving the style, tone, flow, and composition of content. These offerings deviate from traditional offerings because they do not involve the composition of content from scratch, or the ground up, but include modifying already-crafted content from the students.

Payment Options

When you access services from StudyBay, part of the process involves knowing the cost of the task, and you can only know this when you pick an offer from the pros who place their bids. Payments thus form an integral part of the operations here.

With this in mind, you have to effect payments from the services you get from This involves employing payment methods, infrastructure, and options of some kind. Worth noting is that this company equally uses these options when it has to facilitate payments in the form of refunds to customers with approved requests for refunds.

StudyBay thus avails different payment options, including Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. However, these options do not give much choice or convenience to learners or clients of these sites.


Money-Back Guarantees

It is not all the time that the execution of customer projects goes well. There are those circumstances that something happens that impedes the clients from getting their turnarounds within the set time-frame and as per the requirements or instructions of the student. For such cases, various guarantees offer the student some form of recourse if the information on StudyBay website is anything to go by.

Regarding finances and payments concerning the operations of this entity, client funds are safe, backed by Platron and E-money platforms, which ultimately ensure financial security. However, students can transfer these funds to their PayPal account or Credit Card by withdrawing the funds from their accounts.

Since seeking help from involves sending funds before work on the paper begins and monitoring the progress, learners can ask for corrections or refunds from this outfit.

Guarantee of Quality

StudyBay assures its clients that the products or turnarounds from its site are original and that clients will always get output in line with the instructions or requirements of the customer’s order. However, according to the guarantee, customers can request a revision on the order page when they do not feel satisfied with the output. In such cases, students can ask for a partial or a full refund of the job under review.

Depending on the quality of the paper and the level of satisfaction on the part of the client, you can request a partial refund or a full refund.

Is This Site Legit

StudyBay gives a lot of information and direction on its website regarding its operations and its services. It also notes that students are entirely responsible for who handles the execution process and the people involved in the execution by using the bidding system.

There is also a wide array of services on offer, according to information on the website. However, while all this is according to the information this company gives online, customer testimonials and feedback points to an entirely different scenario.

Conflicting accounts in this feedback and testimonials show that StudyBay gives half-truths on its site, questioning its legitimacy as a company.


Bidding System – StudyBay uses a bidding system that gives students a choice when it comes to picking whom to work with. This means that you are at liberty to determine who works on your paper.

Original essays – The turnarounds from this company are mostly original, pointing to a company that does a great job of research and infusion of crucial findings into the task.


Time-frame – StudyBay has some delays in its execution. The minimum period for execution is one day. When you look at most academic assignments, the deadline is even more urgent, making this establishment slow in execution.

Disorganized website – Retrieving relevant information on the operations of the company is another uphill task for this outfit.


This company, according to people who have got assistance from the site and this StudyBay review, is entirely unreliable and does not do a proper job with its execution. There are also glaring inefficiencies and loopholes in its guarantees and assurances, and this puts to doubt any form of recourse that learners can have when things go south.

The time-frame for execution is also not impressive as StudyBay has a cap – a one-day minimum for delivery. Considering that some learners might want their turnarounds even earlier, this company is not well-poised to get the job done in time.

Students can thus consider other entities that do a great job with their execution, including Eduvinci, Edudemius, PenDrago, and EssayPro. These companies are reliable and do an excellent job with their execution.