We decided to create the Time4Writing review to help our readers find more about the company’s unique program that helps young writers excel in developing their writing abilities. From the first moment we entered Time4Writing.com we discovered different useful information that helped us understand how this program works.

As all our reviews are 100% honest, we will share with you both the pros and the cons. For instance, we liked that we found information on how to use the company’s services and understand how much a client has to pay for the respective services. On the other hand, we didn’t like that we couldn’t find clear information on policies and didn’t understand which are the terms and conditions in case of refunds. Even though on Time4Writing.com we found a FAQ section, we felt the need to find a section dedicated to terms and conditions.

How Much It Costs

Unlike other writing companies available on the market, we couldn’t find any price calculator on Time4Writing.com. We consider this is an area of improvement as the company could use a smart tool to help the clients understand from the beginning how much they would have to pay for a specific type of writing curriculum. But, as we already mentioned, Time4Writing has a comprehensive FAQ section where we could identify the answer to all our questions related to fees and discounts.

When it comes to the course’s price, according to the information provided by Time4Writing, we could find that each course has a fixed fee of $119. What does this fee include? It offers 24/7 access to the selected curriculum for 8 consecutive weeks. During the first 2 weeks since the course began, the user has the right to switch between courses. The user might find that he/she doesn’t like the curriculum that he/she initially chose. On the other hand, Time4Writing offers a smart assessment tool that should help clients choose the right course depending on their seniority level and targets.

Our research showed that Time4Writing doesn’t offer any information about discounts. To be more competitive in the market, it would be preferable to offer different price reductions to loyal customers. This strategy would help the company stay competitive and attract new customers. We consider this is an aspect that should be improved.

Services Offered

Time4Writing developed a broad portfolio of writing courses dedicated to different levels of seniority. Each class lasts for 8 consecutive weeks and focuses on helping the student develop writing skills. The courses included 1-to-1 interactions with the instructor together with tailored and prompt feedback. All classes can be accessed online. Thus, students from anywhere in the world can access the writing curriculum offered by Time4Writing.

On Time4Writing.com, we found that the writing courses delivered online are split into three major categories. The first one focuses on elementary school and it addresses the most common issues for grades from 2 to 5. Time4Writing teachers have split their classes for basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Therefore, an elementary student will learn in the basic courses how to develop proper grammar skills and write coherent sentences. In the intermediate courses, candidates will move on to writing paragraphs. Finally, in advanced courses, they will discover how to write an appealing essay as well as discover everything about narrative and informative writing.

Time4Writing also has classes dedicated to grades from 6 to 8. In the basic courses developed for this category, students will learn about writing mechanics. On Time4Writing.com, we also found that the intermediate courses available in this category include lessons dedicated to writing enhancement, writing paragraphs, and writing essays. The most advanced category includes the courses for writing advanced essays.

Last but not least, the most advanced category is the one for high school. Students from the 9th grade to 12, can use Time4Writing.com to enroll in courses that will teach them about writing mechanics and paragraphs. Also, in intermediate courses, they will learn how to write essays for their grade category. The advanced courses go around the area of writing research papers.

Time4Writing offers its services not only for individuals but also for schools. Considering that it includes different online programs that teach students different writing skills from essays to research papers, Time4Writing.com is an alternative platform that many schools can use. The company is open to allow the school’s teachers to deliver the training and offer support to them to personalize the course’s content according to their students’ needs.

Payment Instruments

The payment instruments are not available from the beginning of Time4Writing.com. This is one draw that the company should work to improve as it doesn’t offer full transparency. Only after a potential client signs up on Time4Writing.com, he/she can find which are the available payment methods.

Time4Writing allows clients to pay for the selected courses using different payment methods. They can use their MasterCard, Discover, Visa, or Amex cards. Clients can use send the payment via PayPal. The third available option is via Purchase Order. The order form also includes a section dedicated to promo code. However, Time4Writing doesn’t offer clear information on the site on how to get a promo code.

Terms and Conditions

We consider that a company’s trustworthiness is given by its ability to have clear and comprehensive policies. They help clients understand how to pay for their services and how and when to ask for their money back in case they change their minds. Also, the policies offer guidance on which are the customers’ obligations and responsibilities.

On Time4Writing.com, we discovered that the policies are not very easy to be found. We expected to find a page dedicated to refunds and cancellations policy. On the contrary, we found some details mentioned in the FAQ section and one paragraph in the “Term of Use” part.

Refunds and Cancellations

According to the information mentioned on Time4Writing.com, clients don’t have any chance to ask for their money back once they pay for a certain course. Exceptions are provided in certain cases. Time4Writing offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. This means that clients are allowed to ask for their money back in the first 2 weeks since they paid for the order. The requests can be submitted by contacting the customer support team via email or by phone. Clients are allowed to redeem a token in the first 14 days since they sent the payment for a course. This token can be used either to cancel a course or to ask for money back. Once this token has been awarded by Time4Writing, the client can use it for one year.

However, the company doesn’t offer details on whether the refunds are awarded for any reason. We consider that Time4Writing should mention whether there are cases when refunds are not granted. The paragraph dedicated to refunds and cancellation causes quite a lot of confusion which might trigger a lot of client’s disappointment.

Is Site Legit?

We consider that Time4Writing.com is a legit site. It has an easy-to-follow structure and offers a positive customer experience. Clients can find information for the courses they need immediately. Also, the vendor included videos and a FAQ section to help customers identify the services that match their requirements. Given the look and workability, Time4Writing.com must have been developed by a team of skilled web developers.


We have the following supporting arguments for Time4Writing:

  • Diverse payment instruments
  • Legit site
  • Refunds policy
  • Videos showing how the platform works
  • FAQ section
  • Fixed prices


We consider that Time4Writing should improve the following areas:

  • Offer more information on whether discounts are available
  • Have a more consistent refunds policy
  • Showcase payment options on the site and not after the users sign up


We consider that Time4Writing is a company that manages to satisfy the need of many modern parents for helping their children improve their writing skills. It offers courses for different difficulty levels and covers a wide area of services. Also, the payments can be done using diverse instruments such as cards or PayPal. On the other hand, we consider that Time4Writing should be more transparent when it comes to refunds and cancellation policy. The details are not easy to be found and the policy is incomplete.