In our reviews, we always provide verified information. Thus, we consider that the best starting point to do research is to check The company’s website offers us the most important details that help us form an opinion on what this company is doing. We were positively impressed by a well-structured website that provides the necessary information to convince clients to submit orders on it.

All payments are done using secure methods. Also, we found comprehensive policies that protect both the clients and the company. Besides, the prices keep the market’s trends. Plus, the vendor offers different types of discounts that attract the clients even more.

Our research included additional sources of information as well. We read blogs, articles, opinions on community forums, and comments from social media accounts. The client’s feedback is generally good, which means that TopEssayWriting is doing a good job. As we wanted to be 100% sure that the company is legit, we also submitted an order on We had no hidden costs and received the quality we expected. Thus, we can recommend TopEssayWriting as a reliable company.

Available Prices and Discounts Rates

TopEssayWriting offers affordable fees. We checked on how much we would have to pay for different types of papers. As high school essays are some of the most popular types of papers, we wanted to see how much it would cost us. Thus, we used the price calculator available on to create a simulation. We received a price of $12.99/page for 1 page and a deadline of 14 days. In comparison to what the market is asking at this moment, we can say that TopEssayWriting stays in the market’s average and offers attractive prices.

In general, the fees are influenced by the paper’s difficulty level, deadline, and the number of pages. The more difficult the paper or the tighter the deadline, the higher the price will be. Besides, the final price includes some free perks as well. Instead of paying around $70 in addition, the client will receive the bibliography, outline, title page, plagiarism report, formatting, and limitless amendments without any extra charges.

But, the final price is not always the one returned by the calculator. It can be lower thanks to the discount scheme offered by TopEssayWriting. Any new customer receives a special discount from the vendor. The final price will be reduced by 13% if the client is using the right discount code. The customer support team can offer complete details on how to apply the newcomer discount.

Also, TopEssayWriting encourages clients to return to the website and submit more orders. Thus, a client who submitted already 5+ orders will have to pay with 5% less than the simulation showed by the calculator. Also, for clients who already submitted 10+ orders, the final discount will be 10%. The final discount segment is 15% for clients who ordered already 15+ papers on

Offered Services

The main target audience for TopEssayWriting is formed by students. The vendor works with skilled writers who must have at least a bachelor’s degree. They are selected after a rigorous process during which they have to demonstrate that they have a solid portfolio of works and English-native skills.

Apart from writing essays on different topics, TopEssayWriting writers can also deliver the following types of papers:

  • Lab reports
  • Research paper
  • Book reviews
  • Admission essay
  • Dissertation essay
  • Homework help
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Personal statement

Also, the writers can meet the requirements for any type of difficulty level. They can deliver papers for high school, college, master’s, and doctorate. TopEssayWriting works with writers who also have a Ph.D. degree or solid knowledge of writing dissertations or admission essays.

Payment Solutions

TopEssayWriting doesn’t offer too many payment solutions. However, all of them are 100% secure which adds some extra points when it comes to the company’s reliability. We checked on the available payment methods and we found only four. So, customers can finalize their payments using their cards. The only accepted cards are the following:

  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • AMEX


When we create a review, we check whether that company has some solid policies in place. We consider that they are a clear sign that the company is reliable and wants to protect its customers and writers. On we found different policies that put things in order and clarify the situations when refunds or revisions are admitted.

Money-back Guarantee

Even though TopEssayWriting guarantees that its writers will do the right thing and satisfy the clients, no one can stop a customer from revoking his/her order. However, refund requests depend on some parameters that the client needs to understand. Therefore, the refund percentage is different in the following cases:

  • Full refund is provided if the client cancels the order before TopEssayWriting assigns a writer to take over the order.
  • Only 70% of the amount paid is refunded if the vendor assigns a writer but the customer wants to cancel his/her order.
  • Half of the amount will be returned to a client who decides to cancel an order in the middle of the deadline period.

In case of late delivery, TopEssayWriting also refunds the money paid. Each situation is analyzed carefully by the support team. They make sure that the delay wasn’t the client’s fault. In case the writer doesn’t have any clear reason for delaying, then the customer support staff will calculate how much to refund. For orders that have a deadline of more than 14 days, the refunded amount will be 7%. On the other hand, if the customer support department discovers that the late delivery didn’t occur from the writer’s fault, then no amount will be refunded. Such cases are the following:

  • The writer had technical difficulties that stopped him/her from using the internet or connecting to the computer or browser.
  • The delay appeared because the client couldn’t reply on time to the writer’s request for additional information.
  • The customer decided voluntarily to extend the deadline.

Free Revisions

Revisions are handled through the “feedback” or “additional requirements” form. A client who submits the revision request in the first 14 days since the writer sent the final paper will be eligible to receive free revisions. In general, revisions are requested when the writer didn’t follow the requirements accordingly, the paper was not unique or it included grammar or spelling errors. Also, the client must have the same requirements when he/she asks for revisions. In case the details are changed, then the vendor is entitled to ask for additional fees.

Is the Website Reliable?

We think that is a legit website. What led us to this conclusion? has an easy-to-follow structure and look. It is the result of a decent investment from the vendor’s site. Also, it is clear that it was developed by a professional web developer. The information is clear. Thus, clients and writers can find comprehensive policies and guidelines that help them feel protected against unfair situations. Finally, the site ensures that all payments are secured.


We consider that TopEssayWriting has the following pros:

  • Affordable fees
  • Clear discounts scheme
  • 24/7 available customer support team
  • Money-back policy and free revisions
  • Secure payment methods
  • 100% original work


TopEssayWriting has the following cons:

  • No details for business writing services
  • No referral and affiliate discount programs


TopEssayWriting manages to stay competitive in the writing services market with affordable rates and attractive discounts. We liked the company’s website, It has a clear structure and it is user-friendly. Also, all payments are done through secure methods. Clients won’t feel that their accounts are put at risk in any way. Besides, the customer support team is permanently available to provide solutions for revisions or refunds cases. The vendor has clear policies in place that help clients feel that they are respected and guarantee that the writers put all efforts to respect the deadline and deliver quality.