To give you the most accurate information, we started by exploring their website and reading their policy pages. We also made arrangements to receive a college level essay. That was reviewed carefully by our team. To round things out, we read student reviews, compared prices, and did our best to uncover the pros and cons.

Below, we’ve gathered all the information in a detailed, TrustMyPaper review. Keep reading to learn more about this online writing provider. We are confident that we can help you make the right choice in online academic writing companies.

Pricing System

Because TrustMyPaper is a services consultancy, all items are pre-priced. This is helpful to students on a budget, as they will always know precisely what they will pay for writing and other assistance.

TrustMyPaper prices are quite competitive. Their lowest rate for writing is $12.99 per page. This is for academic writing at the high school level with a two week deadline. Prices for academic writing increase from that point. Costs go up or down depending on a variety of factors that include grade level, complexity, writing type, and urgency. For example, doctoral level writing due within a few hours will cost significantly more than undergraduate writing that is due in several days.

Academic writing, editing, proofreading, rewriting, dissertation writing, admissions writing, and copywriting are all charged according to the number of pages written. Resumes, CVs, and other employment related writing is charged per document. If you use these services, be aware that there are bundled rates available as well. Finally, problem solving and multiple choice are charged per problem or per assignment.

In addition to paying for standard services, customers may order extras. For example, they may wish to order a summary of their document or a top ten writer. These will result in additional charges that will be charged as a flat rate or percentage.

Finally, in addition to having fairly competitive rates, TrustMyPaper also offers excellent discounts. We were able to find savings for first time customers, large orders, and repeat customers. Customer support also advises that users visit the site frequently to learn about special savings offers.

Types of Services

We were able to find a complete list of services on the website. These are divided into several different subsections. Many of these are clearly intended for students. Academic services include academic writing, admissions, problem solving, and multiple choice questions. Students may also order proofreading, editing, and rewriting. However, these services are also available to others as well.

TrustMyPaper does offer writing and other services to job seekers and professionals. Job seekers may place orders for help with resume and CV writing, editing, and designing. They may also ask for assistance with cover letters and LinkedIn biographies. Many customers choose to order multiple, job-seeker related products at one time.

Writing for professionals is found under the copywriting subcategory. This writing includes website content, articles, blog posts, product descriptions, reviews, and other content that might be needed by a small business or marketing department.

One of the subcategories for students is admissions writing. This includes the typical writing assistance that students may need as they are applying to university or graduate school. Students may order help with application essays, personal statements, or scholarship essays.

Next is problem solving services. This is assistance with complicated equations, math modeling, and other work that is often required as part of research projects or other STEM assignments.

Because so many college and university assignments are multiple choice, a special category has been created for these assignments.

Graduate students are able to order writing assistance for both thesis and dissertation projects. There is a variety of help in this subcategory that is relevant to these assignments.

Finally, there is academic writing. This is the category that was our primary focus for this review. Academic writing consists of essays, research papers, lab reports, critiques, PowerPoint presentations, book reports, and other writing assignments. For this review, we placed an order for a college level essay. We were quite satisfied with the writing, research, and overall lack of errors.

Payment Options

TrustMyPaper requests that payment be made before any services are started. This is very standard for this industry and something that students should expect regardless of the service they choose. When students place an order at, they will be allowed to choose the payment option they prefer. Both credit and debit cards are accepted. PayPal is also an option. While not used quite as frequently, students may also pay using wire transfer. All payments are processed securely using appropriate encryption methods. We did not encounter any issues with billing or payments. We also did not find any credible statements relating to fraud or of customer data being compromised.


Does TrustMyPaper deliver on its promises? Do they deliver writing on time? What about quality and originality? What happens if there is a problem or if a customer has a complaint? What are their policies on refunds, quality guarantees, and customer privacy? To answer these questions, we did the following:

  • Interacted with TrustMyPaper customer support staff.
  • Read policy pages.
  • Sought out and read customer reviews to determine if the company does an acceptable job of fielding complaints and settling them fairly.

Here is a brief overview of their most relevant policies:

Full and partial refunds are offered sparingly. If a customer cancels an order before any work is completed, they will receive a full refund. The same is true if the company cancels an order for any reason.  However, if the customer cancels after work is started, they may receive a prorated refund or credit. If a meaningful amount has been done, a refund is simply not an option. Customers may also receive refunds if their work is delivered after the deadline.

Of course, originality is one of the primary concerns of any customer using a writing service. If a company does not guarantee that all work is original and written to order, we recommend against using them. Fortunately, there are originality guarantees here. These are backed with the availability of plagiarism scan reports and the promise of a refund if work is not 100% accurate.

Finally, customer privacy policies are quite detailed. The company explains thoroughly how customer data is used. They also address that no information is shared with third parties without consent. Customer data privacy is clearly a priority here.

Our final step was to review customer reviews. We found very few complaints relating to policies or quality. Those that were, overwhelmingly indicated that issues were solved fairly and quickly.

Is TrustMyPaper Legit?

We can state with confidence that is both a safe and legitimate website. They meet every reasonable criterion in terms of operating a business according to ethical standards. They deliver products and services as advertised. They have established a strong reputation among students and academic professionals. Further, they are responsive to customer complaints and inquiries. Finally, the company has been around for many years and is widely considered to be one of the most well-established writing providers in the world. We have no reason to believe they will not be around for many years to come.


Students who have used TrustMyPaper in the past have many positive things to say about this provider. We have uncovered many benefits to using this service as well:

  • TrustMyPaper has an excellent reputation.
  • They charge fair prices and offer many discounts.
  • Their writing is consistently high quality.
  • They have fair policies and responsive customer service.


While we always commit to telling customers both the good and bad, we had a difficult time finding much negative to say about TrustMyPaper or the website. The only issues we found were quite minor. For example, it would be nice if they accepted Google Pay or Crypto payments. We would have also enjoyed seeing blog content that was a bit more up to date.

To Sum Up

TrustMyPaper is an excellent writing provider, and we are quite happy to give our endorsement. We strongly believe that students and others should consider this online service in the event that they need help with writing or other academic assignments. The site is easy to navigate and further serves to build trust in this company.

If you would like to learn more about TrustMyPaper, we urge you to visit their website to take a look on your own. For information on other writing companies, please continue to read our other reviews. We are confident that we have the information you need to find the service that is best for you.