Site Overview

WiseEssays is an online academic writing site that provides help with assignments to students. On its website, this company notes that it offers top aid, and several principles guide its operations. prides itself on secure payment options and total confidentiality, sizeable discounts, and a money-back guarantee, output that is of high quality, as well as qualified customer support that is always available. However, worth noting is that all this info is on this outfit’s website and is not verifiable.

This establishment offers assistance in different academic disciplines across varying levels of education to students regardless of their institutions of learning. Learners in high school, college, undergraduate, as well as graduate studies can all seek the appropriate academic assistance from WiseEssays.

The company’s website also has tons of info, directions, and guides that learners can leverage to know how it operates and how to get the necessary aid.

Pricing System

On its website, WiseEssays as a pricing system in the form of a price calculator that allows learners to determine the prices of the assistance they want to access from the company. Different variables often stem from the requirements or the expectations of the assignment at hand that influence the aggregate or overall cost.

These variables include the type of task, educational level, the time-frame the company has for execution, as well as the number of pages. The variation of these aspects determines the price.

Since there are different academic tasks that learners handle in high school, college, undergraduate, as well as the graduate studies, there are many options with regards to the type of essay that learners can select or experts can tackle.

The complexity or difficulty will also determine the price as there are those particular assignments that are unique to high school, and those that are unique to the Ph.D. level. For an essay for high school students required in a two-week time-frame that is 1-page long and has 275 words, then then the learner will have to fork out $7.74.

The charges will be $8.61, $9.14, $9.78, and $10.21 for those in college, undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. levels. However, these prices factor in an offer that extends to its clients to the tune of 15%. Students can place orders after knowing the costs.

Types of Services

WiseEssays has many offerings to its clients across various educational levels, including high school, college, undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. These offerings fall under multiple categories, including academic writing, dissertation, admission and, editing services, as well as assignments.

Under academic writing, WiseEssays handles various assignments from scratch. The writing process here involves doing research and collating the findings into a paper. This includes writing essays, term papers, research papers, course work, case studies, book reviews, articles, as well as annotated bibliographies.

Most of these offerings vary according to complexity and difficulty. This points out that some are for those who are pursuing high school and some extend for those seeking advanced studies up the academic ladder.

When it comes to dissertations, there are various offerings from WiseEssays. These include writing theses and dissertations. Worth noting is the fact that dissertations are mainly the preserve of those pursuing advanced degrees, for instance, Ph.D.

Those individuals who are seeking admission to a particular institution can also find the relevant assistance from this entity, just like those folks who are looking for the necessary guidance with application letters for jobs or other purposes. offers admission writing under which they assist with admission as well as application essays.

Editing, which involves enriching and enhancing content, is also a key offering for WiseEssays. This involves refining content by eliminating grammatical errors, getting rid of poor sentences, as well as correcting spelling errors. Here, this company offers assistance with editing and proofreading.

There are other offerings where some target those pursuing high school studies. The offerings in this section include PowerPoint presentations, multiple-choice questions, statistics projects, report writing, as well as group projects. also offers aid with Math, Physics, and Chemistry problems. These are mostly offerings targeting those who are pursuing their high school education.

Payment Options

So that learners can access the guidance they need from WiseEssays, they need to ensure that they facilitate the relevant payments according to the assistance they are seeking. For the students to make these payments, however, they need to use payment methods, mechanisms, infrastructure, and options. Another key point to note is that it is not learners alone who utilize these payment options.

When WiseEssays needs to make refunds due to failure to make submissions as per the expectations and requirements, they have to use these options.

To this end, this company avails some payment options, which include Discover, PayPal, Maestro, JCB, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Wire Transfer, Pink, Green Card, Delta, and Diners Club International.


Money-Back Guarantee

In some cases, the handling of the work does not go as per the expectations or the requirements of the client. In these circumstances, has some guarantees and assurances that seek to indemnify the student in the event there are complications with execution.

If the writer does not deliver the first version of the turnaround within the required period or time-frame, then you are eligible for a full refund from this company. However, when there is late delivery, but you still need the paper, then you will not get a full refund, but a refund that quantifies and matches the delay.

When you place two orders but need only one, you need to contact the support team. When you reach out to the support team, you will get the assistance that you need as far as refunds go.

In cases of multiple payments for one order, you need to submit the necessary evidence in the form of screenshots to the support team who will handle and process your request for a refund.

In some cases, learners do not have the satisfaction from the execution of their paper. Cancellation of orders that are underway and in the hands of a client will see you get a matching refund that is in line with the progress thus far.

When you think the product does not meet your requirements, you can submit it in 3 days for further consideration and review. This analysis and review will determine the size of the compensation based on the product and its requirements. When there is no writer to work on your paper, WiseEssays will process a full refund.

Is This Site Legit

WiseEssays gives a lot of information about its operations on its site. The outfit handles assignments of different difficulties at different prices. Further, some various guarantees and assurances underpin its activities.

However, while there is a lot of information on how it operates on its site, testimonials and feedback point to an entirely different scenario with regards to academic guidance.

This shows that WiseEssays is not a legit site and that there are aspects that do not measure up or check out as far as its operations go.


Easy to use website – The layout and structure of the site are proper, and this means that it is easy to navigate and retrieve relevant information.

Customer support – There is effective and reliable support, which means that students can get the relevant information and liaison they need from the company.


Quality issues – WiseEssays does not churn out top-notch work, which means that students have to keep seeking revisions for the turnarounds they get from this company.

Issues with delivery – This establishment misses deadlines and time-frames, and this causes problems for those students who have urgent needs for their products.


As much as WiseEssays outlines operational efficiency and professionalism in handling orders, people who have worked with the entity note that it is not all rosy. As this WiseEssays Review shows, this company misses out on some key operational metrics that are a must for those companies in this line of work.

By missing these standard operational metrics and standards, WiseEssays lags. This means that this establishment is not entirely reliable, and people cannot bank on it for smooth and accurate handling of their work.

Folks can, however, consider other entities with pedigree, experience, expertise, and the wherewithal to get the job done as per the requirements and expectations. These include Edudemius, Eduvinci, PenDrago, and EssayPro.