What we don’t hear these folks speak of a lot are the agonies of all that coursework. They may laugh about some all-nighters, but they don’t talk about the pervasive stress and anxiety that students do today. And maybe school was a bit easier then. After all, the knowledge explosion alone has served to stuff course content to new levels, and student loan worries are always “in the wind.”

One relief from stress can be finding academic help via an online writing service that can take some of the assignment burdens off student’s shoulders, and that is where Buy Essay Review comes in. With thousands of online writing services marketing themselves, and with all promising the same wonderful products, it’s tough to separate the good from the bad. That is what we do – we perform deep studies of these companies and present our findings via written summaries for all to see. Students can then study our summaries and choose a good one.

Here is a WriteMyEssayOnline review that is just one piece of our total effort.

Payment System

While WriteMyEssayOnline does publish some general pricing “guidelines” that give students an idea of what a piece of writing might cost. These include:

  • $13.40 – $30 per page for original writing with deadlines ranging from 10 days to 24 hours.
  • $10 – $20 per page for editing and rewriting, again with deadlines ranging from 10 days to 24 hours.

But these prices are just estimates. And that’s because the WriteMyEssayOnline business model involves an auction type bidding process. And here is that process:

  • com recruits, screens, and tests all of its would-be writers, to ensure their expertise, backgrounds, and ability to research and write. Acceptable writers are then allowed to register on the site.
  • Students post their “orders” on the WriteMyEssayOnline site.
  • Qualified writers then contact those students with their bids for project completion.
  • Students contact these bidders, speak with them directly, and then choose the one they think will be the best for the job.
  • Students place the agreed upon bid money into an account on the WriteMyEssayOnline.com site, to be held until the project is finished and they are happy.

So, pricing can vary quite a bit at WriteMyEssayOnline. Students who are good negotiators and writers who are hungry can result in a great price for a piece of writing or rewriting.

Types of Services

WriteMyEssayOnline.com provides academic assistance services to college and graduate students. It, therefore, employs writers with graduate degrees in specific subject fields who have the necessary backgrounds to take on tasks at these levels.

The scope of services is wide, with over 200 writers on board.

The general WriteMyEssayOnline categories for research and writing are as follows:

  • College Essay Writing: This includes all types of essays and all academic topic fields. Whether a student needs a literary analysis or a research-based argumentative essay, WriteMyEssayOnline will have qualified writers to bid on such orders.
  • Term/Research Papers: Again, WriteMyEssayOnline states that it has topic-field experts in all curricular areas to provide research paper writing on any topic.
  • Thesis and Dissertation: WriteMyEssayOnline states that it has Ph.D. research scholars who will provide everything from development of hypotheses or research questions, to proposals, to literature reviews, research designs, and methodologies, to statistical analyses.
  • Homework/Coursework Assignments or Projects: This category can include everything from lab reports, case studies, article reviews, and annotated bibliographies to STEM problems or projects. According to WriteMyEssayOnline, experts are available to tackle them all.

We are also focused on the quality that a writing company actually delivers. In the case of WriteMyEssayOnline, we looked at several things.

  • We read through all of the content on the WriteMyEssayOnline.com website. It is clear and well-written.
  • We read several of its published blog articles. Most are well-written, but almost the entire focus is on writing topics for pieces of literature. We urge the company to branch out and choose topics that are relevant and current to student writing and life.
  • We checked with any of our site users who have had experiences with WriteMyEssay.com. The feedback is mixed. Positive comments include on-time delivery and willingness of the writer to make revisions. Complaints relate to some poor quality of writing, resources that are outdated or too elementary, and lack of responsiveness from customer support when there are issues.
  • Site Jabber has only one WriteMyEssayOnline.com review, and it was a 1-star. It’s odd that a company that has been in business for 7 years does not have more reviews on this popular site.

It looks like user reviews and feedback are mixed. These are probably the result of student selection choices.

Payment Methods

WriteMyEssayOnline accepts only Visa or MasterCard as direct payments. This can be a problem for students who have other bank cards. When they do use these bank cards, though, payments are safe and secure. WriteMyEssayOnline uses a secure, SSL-certified outside payment processor.

WriteMyEssayOnline.com has recently added Apple Pay as a payment method. This is a good addition, and it is very secure. We urge the company to add PayPal too. It is completely secure, and customers can use almost any bank card to make a payment, even without an account there.


WriteMyEssayOnline guarantees are a bit different from traditional writing services. Much of the onus for these promises lies with the writer who has been chosen. WriteMyEssayOnline does state that it charges its writers to do the following:

  • No Plagiarism: If a student should discover plagiarism, then he reports it to customer support and does not release payment to that writer until it is fixed
  • Revisions: Writers are charged with making requested revisions to a product until the customer is satisfied.
  • Confidentiality: This is a guarantee provided by WriteMyEssayOnline itself. When students place orders and surrender personal information, it is securely held behind firewall technology. Students are urged not to reveal personal information to their writers or to go outside of the established system for communication.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: WriteMyEssayOnline does provide a 24/7 customer support department to answer questions and resolve issues and disputes.
  • Money-Back: WriteMyEssayOnline does have a refund guarantee policy, and it is very specific. Students need to read it, so they get all of the details.

WriteMyEssayOnline.com does have several policies. Students can access these at the bottom of any page. They should read them.

Is Site Legit?

WriteMyEssayOnline is a part of a larger company – Frog Prog Ltd. – which is headquartered and registered in Cyprus. So, in this respect, the company is a part of a legitimate corporation.

Our other expectations for legitimacy are honesty and integrity in the website content that a company publishes. WriteMyEssayOnline explains its business model and its processes very clearly. Students know exactly what their rights and responsibilities are.


  • Students have control of the entire process
  • Students can negotiate pricing with bidders
  • 24/7 customer support department
  • Clear explanations of the process


  • A lot of responsibility placed on inexperienced students
  • Negotiations can be difficult
  • A lot of reliance on the chosen writer to get it right and follow through on revisions
  • Company play a minor role in the process

To Sum Up

WriteMyesayOnline.com is a legitimate company that has been in business for 7 years. Its business model requires that students post their orders and then wait for bidders, choosing the one writer who they believe will do the best job. This puts a great deal of responsibility on students who may not have the interviewing and negotiating skills to get the best deal. Still, for students who want control, this may be a good company.